Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I need your help!

I came and go with the idea of waking up HFUT. Sometimes I success for a month... sometimes for a day.

Still there's so much potential in HFUT, but my brain is in block. I get all the time feedback and I want to thank you my readers for spending your time on writing me an email! Rarely I reply. It's not because I don't care - it's opposite! It's really that those emails make me realize again and again how I created once something that has actually helped people. And actually it's not me - it's you that have red my writings with open mind.

So I have one favor... If anyone of you has any idea how I could develop this page into working site again, where I would have fun to write and share information about Helsinki - tell me your opinion! Let's not talk about my grammar mistakes ;) I would like to make this site something much clear and working, now it seems like a hazard, or do you like it this way? I think this site represents my ex life, which was hazard, now I have lol grown up lol. Lol.




No really I want to start writing here again. I want to upload photos of Helsinki, I want to give you ideas what to do here. I want to share my adventures, show my life here as urban Helsinki citizen.

And you know what, I don't even live in Kallio anymore. I have moved to some other area which is much more cooler!

But now I gotta run to my umm..well he's not my boyfriend but a very good friend ;D

So things have changed, HFUT needs to change too. BUT HOW?

Ahh, finally I could finish writing. See, when I start, it never ends!

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HFUT is rising again!