Tuesday, 19 August 2014

End of summer - last opportunity to use the summer cottage-card

My family doesn't own a summer cottage. Gladly I have always had the opportunity to visit my friends families summer cottages in different parts of Finland. The best thing is, that usually people are happy when they get to go there with their friends.

It was last Friday when I was super upset. Life was deep from ass. My heart was broken and I though life won't continue from this. Then I con act my best friend who invites me to join their weekend trip to Alajärvi, in Western Finland where other friend owns a summer cottage.

I didn't think for long. It was time to make this spontaneous move. And there we were - driving towards Alajärvi which is approx. 400 km away from Helsinki.

When we arrived there, I straight away relaxed. In the morning I woke up early to have a look how the place looked like as we arrived during night time. And I loved what I saw. A huge lake was yelling for our names - it was time to go fishing soon. But first slow breakfast. And yeah, then we had to search for worms to get some fish.

Everything these small things, which apparently felt therapeutic. And fishing was a great success too as we got four fishes which we grilled later.

I strated to feel enormously happy.

We walked around the area, finding blueberries, raspberries, lingonberries and chantarells.

I have spent too many hours regretting, but now I realized it. Now I remembered what life can be. What happiness can be. And I have been trying to spend my time with person who has sucked my good energy away. And I have probably sucked his.

All this beauty of nature made me remember who I am. I have lost myself, but now I found the person I was before I met him.

I'm going to keep this feeling alive. The biggest thanks goes to my friend who took me with them. I was just constantly repeating "I'm so happy here!"

And I truly were. And still am :)

 Searching for worms 

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