Thursday, 7 August 2014

32nd day of tropical heat - in Finland?!

4 am swim at Mattolaituri

It was June of this year and the weather was bad for many days. People were afraid that summer won't come this year. Facebook was filled with complaining about the weather. Some people were even angry about it.

Most of the Finns were just upset.

THEN BA-BAM! Now we're living the 32nd day of tropical heat. The sun is squeezing every single bit of water out from us which we are trying to drink. People are saying to me "Esin, you look so different nowadays", and I answer "It's this tan on my skin, I don't usually have this brown skin".

Now some people are complaining of the heat. And I have to admit that it is slightly too hot. I was moving my stuff to my friends cellar (yes, I'm homeless again) and I thought I'm going to die. Now I understand why they have siesta in Spanish countries.

And apartments? Our apartments in Finland are made for -30°C, not 30°C. So the heat stays inside nicely. Mm...

But let's forget those negative stuff. This heat has bring some people together in a nice way. Like most of the people are hanging in the parks every single day and meeting new people. That's rare during the winter when you don't see that much peeps outside. Also there are some new places where urban Helsinki citizens go: one is Mattolaituri (hmmm... carpet pier?) just next to Merihaka. That's a fantastic place to go for after party after partying in Kuudes Linja or Kaiku which are just near by. There you can jump into the sea or just hang around with other people.

Other spot which I prefer more is Sompasauna - a self served public sauna. Read more about the place from here.

During daytime it's nice to go and discover islands. My favorite ones have been this year Suomenlinna and Mustikkamaa. But there are pleeeenty of islands to discover, like Lammassaari - sheep island where you can spot sheeps too.

Also there are free open air parties almost every weekend in Kalasatama. And what is nicer than a open air party when it's 30°C? Yeap.

So, this heat has been painful for some people, but I have enjoyed it full on. Ok, I've been complaining sometimes but it's in my blood. Complaining is the Finnish way of expressing emotions.

Dallape park in Kallio reminds me of Görlitzer park in Berlin

In Kalasatama's Konttiaukio there has been plenty of open air parties

In Sompasauna there has been also outdoor karaoke. In some moment it got wild and some people were singing even naked. 

In Mustikkamaa you can bake yourself in public beach or find your own private spot

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