Friday, 3 January 2014

Sauna I forgot to tell about!

Ok, so I might start a blog called Helsinki Sauna. But as sauna's interest people and as my blog is to help you to discover Helsinki... I gotta share any information that interests you.

Kulttuurisauna aka Culture sauna(?) is this modern sauna built in Hakaniemi by architects Tuomas Toivonen and Nene Tsuboi The main idea is that it's energy friendly, you know after postmodern saunas appeared (yes those which work with electricity) they actually ate shit loads of electricity. Imagine something heats itself from zero to 80°C and it's on for several hours.

In Kulttuurisauna the heating system works its own way. I'm not going to tell you how, it's much more fun when you go there and discover!

(I don't tell you how because it's morning and my English is not the sharpest at the moment)

It's not that cheap to visit this sauna: adults pay 15€, students 12€,..etc. There's also swimming spot just next to the sauna, at the sea.

Hakaniemenranta 17, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

Opening hours?
Wed-Sat 4 - 8 (9) pm

I am sorry, I wish I had photos to share. Now I just have to use ones from the internet and it's no fun as it's kinda of stealing. But I'm going to Finland next month and I'll make a list about places to photograph and try to make this blog more visually interesting.

Photo from here

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