Monday, 6 January 2014

Finnish breakfast

I'm one of those maniacs who thinks gluten is bad for your body. And after I learnt more about glutens negative effects to your body - I decided to leave it off from my daily diet. Sure sometimes I eat a piece of cake - hey can one say no when someone offers a piece of delicious cake?

Still, I think gluten is poison. And every time I eat that piece of cake, the next day I really feel anxious and I have bags under my eyes. Also I think skin in my face looks like I'm an alcoholic. Also I feel fatter than day before :D As I said, I'm one of those maniacs who think gluten is bad for you, so some people may think that this all is just happening inside my head.

But still, when I don't eat gluten I feel better. I have more energy, I'm happy, I don't have bags under my eyes. And I feel slim.

I know in many cultures people eat bread for breakfast. I did it before too. Leaving bread wasn't difficult for me, and actually if I want to eat bread, I choose rice crackers which are usually gluten free and taste like popcorn. And I love popcorn.

This summer I started to eat porridge every morning. When I was child I couldn't stand porridge. I remember when I was at kindergarten. I was sitting alone in the dining room and looking at my porridge plate. I remember that I was almost vomiting. I couldn't eat it. Then they felt mercy and let me go.

But now I learnt to eat porridge and it's one of the reasons I want to get up in the morning - that I will get my yummy porridge! And in Finland maaany many people eat porridge for brekkie. Nowdays sure brunch culture has arrived in Finland, but when people are at home, many of them eat porridge for brekkie. And if you stay in a hotel in Helsinki and you have breakfast included, there will be porridge for sure.

I prepare mine with a bit of milk so it becomes creamy. When it's ready, instead of butter I add linseed oil.

Porridge is fantastic breakfast! Forget croissants and shit. They are not good for your body&soul.

PS. if you are interested on learning more about gluten, read this

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