Saturday, 4 January 2014

Empty buildings, empty spaces and expensive rents in Helsinki

You know, when I moved first time in downtown Kallio it was year 2004. I paid for my one room flat 370€. It had 18m2. Sure it was small, but my incomes were extremely low as I was studying. So my student money just covered my rent and I was happy.

And then there's today, when you easy pay 800€ for one room apartments in Kallio. My friend just rented a one room apartment from West Finland, Vaasa and she's paying 330€ for it.

Nowadays that my 18m2 apartment might be over 500€ because of it's location. Just a couple of years ago Punavuori in central Helsinki was the area where all the hipsters wearing red beanies wanted to live. And the apartments were bloody expensive - and probably still are but less people live there anymore. These red beanie hipsters have moved to Kallio and that makes me a bit angry because before they would say Kallio is shit and too far away etc. I have always loved Kallio because of it's atmosphere. But these red hat hipsters.... they have ruined the area.

Ok, let's forget my angst towards them, this post was supposed to subject rents in Helsinki and empty spaces where people are not allowed to move. Now the funny people with power to rule things have decided to set a new funny rule which would go on for next 4,5 years. It's a prohibition (for sure) in which empty building spaces and commercial spaces are not allowed to make homes for people. And there are lot's of these kind of spaces in Helsinki which would make perfect apartment for peeps. Still, single empty spaces which are upper than 3rd floor, could be made livable but this is not a huge % of all of the empty spaces in Helsinki.

For me, there's no way I could move back to Helsinki. I would never ever pay 800€ for one room apartment. My ex apartment from which I moved away when I moved to Berlin, that lovely 30m2 in Kallio, is probably now over 700€, maybe 750€. I paid 640€. And these prices do't include electric etc.

Move to some suburb area? Why? I liked to live in Kallio. No, I loved. Why should one move away from somewhere he/she likes to live? Aah, I see.. because of capitalism and stupid rules.

Yeah, move to Helsinki. So good idea!

Source: Helsingin Uutiset

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