Monday, 6 January 2014

BBC lifts up Finnish architecture

It was year 1904 when Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen won the competition with his design for new Helsinki railway station. Before this other famous Finnish architect, Carl Albert Edefelt, had designed railway station to Helsinki, but it was too small.

In year 1919 the building was ready. It's made from Finnish granite. As you might know we have lot's of granite and Finnish nature is very rocky.  

I like it how back in the days they used to organize competitions for who designs something, and still they do, but apparently sometimes politicians hire their friends to do some works. Like Finnish politician Jyrki Ktainen (NCP) hired his friend Pekka Himanen to do 700 000€ research. And citizens of Finland paid it all. He didn't compete potential candidates, he just chose Himanen with his pretty high price.

Well, NCP is not Social Democratic Party, so they have their own way... Unfair I'd say, but after huge media boom, they decided that Katainen didn't do anything wrong when he chose Himanen.

Anyhow, BBC chose Helsinki railway station within ten the most beautiful railway stations in the world. And I have to admit, it is very nice. And usually I don't like this kind of massive buildings, but it has it's own vibe and the color red heats Helsinki during cold and dark winter.

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Source: Wikipedia & Metro

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