Saturday, 28 December 2013

I made a piece of shit. It's very raw. Raw piece of shit.

Flesh from EsinAamutuuli on Vimeo.

Friday, 27 December 2013

HFUT gives all support to the people fighting in Gezi!

Finally Erdogan got busted. Who thought he had clean flour in his flour bag?

Real recognizes real - Erdogan, you are dead man to me!

Keep on fighting people in Gezi and all over Turkey. Fearless fighters, the world adores you!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Answering questions: "Find friends in Helsinki"

1. get drunk
2. go to the city

there you go.

If you didn't know how beautiful city Helsinki actually is...

Answering questions: "Finnish men hard working"

Why Finland is doing so well in world business? Because we work hard. Working keeps us apart from reality which is depressing especially from end of September to beginning of March. We work hard that time would go faster. During the winter there's so much less to do in Finland, really. We can't go and hang out in the park with friends, no way. We work and in the evenings we are tired - so we sleep. During weekends we drink ourselves almost dead, so that's why we try to work hard also during weekdays to prove ourself that "I don't have alcohol problem", but middle of the week it changes to "this weekend I can drink as I've been working so hard".

So, we work hard because it's dark and boring but also because we try to prove that we don't have alcohol problem but then also to prove ourself that we deserve to have shots of Jallu and many pints of beer.

From my point of view.

Did you know...

That the doors in Finland open always outward.

This has its roots back in 19th century. Lots churches burnt during those times in Finland and they just decided that doors has to open outward that people can escape. This also loosens a bit the thought that Finland would be police capital - cops can't just go in someones apartment by kicking the door open because it just wont work.


Source: Wikipedia

Moomins are building their summer cottage in Japan?

Well, it won't surprise much if Moomins would move to Japan forever as their fame in this lovely country is phenomenal. It's always nice to hear that some Finnish product is selling abroad - this keeps our country in stable money wise. 

The good news in this is that Finnish playground equipment company Puuha Group will built the Moomin park in Tokyo, so it wont be made in China. I guess. Or hope. 

There's already one Moomin park (better known as Moomin land) in Naantali, Finland. I haven't personally ever been there, but I guess the visitors are mostly from Japan and therefore they have decided to build one in Japan too. Actually, the target audience for the park in Tokyo will be women at the age 20 to 40. 

They have maybe grown up watching Moomins and as Moomins are not only for children, there are some things in those stories which you understand when you are grown up. And original Moomins drink looots of alcohol. And eat different kind of substances. Just sayin'.

It hasn't confirmed yet if the park will rise in Tokyo, but there's a huge possibility. Hopefully it will happen!

Source: Iltasanomat

Finnish journalism

There's new wave of young journalists in Finland. There's also a new trend.

New trend started after Li Andersson (Green Party) and Susanna Koski (NCP) had debate on TV. Andersson used one word that is not used in daily language, so it's kind of "civilized word". Koski look at her with open mouth, meaning she didn't understand this word. Then Andersson made her caught that she is much more "sophisticated".

All support to Andersson from me. I think she did well in this debate. But... then there are these young journalists who noticed the power of using civilized words. They use them nowadays so often in each thing they write, just to prove that their readers are stupid. Ok, fair enough, as Slavoj Zizek said "99% of people are boring idiots" - yes I agree - but these young journalists don't remember that most of these civilized words come from Latin and Finnish is not related to Latin language. So if people don't know the meaning of "presque vu"it's not that they are stupid, it's not just something Finns would use when they are discussing. It would sound mega stupid.

But this is the new trend and I don't know why these young journalists do this. Why they try to prove that their readers are unsophisticated. Readers are the ones that matter, not those words with which you try to prove that you know how to say it in French.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Sauna post: swimming halls and rentable saunas

All of my sauna posts have been great success. What's up with people Google sauna so much? Is it a must do when visiting Finland? I don't get it. I don't understand "a must do"-things at all. Boring people have must do list. What I prefer is to go and discover, start from pale table.

But here it is, once again - a fucking sauna post.

Swimming halls have saunas in Finland. Women and men don't mostly go to sauna together in these as they are located in each gender's side. There are many swimming halls in Helsinki. One bigger one is Mäkelärinteen uimahalli in Mäkelärinne.  It costs 6,30€ for adults and 3,20€ for students.

Yrjönkatu swimming hall is worth of visiting. It's a bit different: they have naked swimming hours for men and women, also each day is different for women and men. They have different kinds of saunas available and it's also historical building and worth of visiting! Read more about Yrjönkatu here . Open visit costs 5€.

If there is bigger group of you, there are saunas which you can rent. It costs sure money, but then you'll have the place for your group for the evening. It's nice way to spend time. Here you can see a list of rentable saunas (sorry, only in Finnish).

Also gym's have their own saunas.

Bitcoin automat in Helsinki!

Bitcoin is going to turn the world upside down. The first Bitcoin automat was settled in record store Levykauppa Äx in central Helsinki. With this automat you can switch Euro to Bitcoins. Interesting, huh! takes 5% of your purchase, so it's not that good deal, but decent. 

Levykauppa Äx

Helsinki Railway Station 

HFUT is rising again!