Friday, 20 December 2013

"How to flirt with a Finnish guy"

I'm going to start answering some questions. Let's start with "how to flirt with a Finnish guy".

Finnish guys don't much understand if you flirt with them. We, Finns, are not that flirty people. We like to say things as they are, like I-want-to-go-out-with-you. I find this a bit too no-no. It's too fast, but still I've heard this many times and I almost always answer "yeeees yeeees" (read: "not gonna happen").

Smile is always good. Men like girls who smile. Don't bring up your personality first that much. Just smile. Later you can start showing how bitchy person you might be, but if you want a Finnish guys attention, keep on smiling. You don't even have to talk to him or ask stupid questions like "how are you today" and other stupid small talk. We, Finns, don't do small talk and especially if you ask us "how are you today?" we kind of feel awkward as you can answer this question "good" or "bad" and we don't like to express our feelings this way.

We like to analyze how shit the world is and stuff. Or how drunk we were last night, lost our cell phone, fall a sleep on hallway, vomited while sleeping.. and stuff. So, I prefer you should just smile. That's the best way to flirt to Finnish guy.

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Continuing with pizza!

Fancy 17€ pizza sounds maybe too harsh to expats ears. When I travel, I don't count in my daily budget 17€ to each food portion I have during the day. I don't have that money. So, how about trying something not that fancy, but cheap and tasty?

The place to eat pizza with local peeps is called Mäkikupla in Kallio. Normally you go and have a pizza and a pint of beer. I usually take stronger beer, which we call "nelos kalja". Usually beers served on tap are a "kolmos kalja", meaning it's alcohol is 4.7%, when stronger is 5.2%. But one thing is sure: have beer with your Mäkikupla pizza.

Mäkikupla looks like a small pub, and yes, there are some local alcoholics sitting along. This makes this place very special, worth of visiting.

Prices are 6,50-9,50€. My favorite is Pinato which has spinach, zucchini, broccoli, artichoke.

But please remember to keep your belongings under your eyes. Once we were there with my friend and some narcotic addict crack head stole my friends phone from the table while she was on toilet and I was sitting there. Yap. But it's not Mäkikupla's fault, it's that the surrounding is not as fancy....

Torkkelinkatu 4 in Kallio

And it's open until 2 am!

Visit web

The best pizza in Helsinki?

So, you go to Helsinki and you kind of want to try how we serve pizza in Finland. You know, many places have their own twist in pizza.

As I have been away from Finland for over a year, I have been only following from social media what's hot. Constantly (especially during summer time) people write about Skiffer's pizza. Ok, so Helsinki is kind of a place where one thing is trendy and then everybody hype it. So that's why I kind of doubt things when people hype things out loud, but when I saw photos of Skiffer's pizzas I started to think that place might really have potential to be the best pizza place in Helsinki.

So, I can't say it's the best as I haven't tasted it, but let's have a look on the list...

Ok, first one is with buffalo mozzarella and artichoke. Slightly boring to my ear. Next one goat cheese, strawberries and pine nuts. Boring, and especially during winter you can't get very tasty strawberries from Finland sooo, hmm...

Fourth sounds interesting: vendace, smoked salmon, roe, fennel and poached egg. Yes, this is different, but leave salmons alone. They're over fished at the moment :(

Fifth is Surf&Turf, which I have seen (on Instagram) many people eating. It has chorizo salami, noble crayfish and fresh chili pepper. Ok, sounds interesting, but I don't understand this chorizo trend in Finland. It has been on for three years now.

Ok, so I can't continue reading the menu as I have something negative to say about each pizza on the list. But I haven't tasted them. Everyone who has, have been saying they are good.

And at the end I have to mention the prices... 14-17€.

Hello Finland.

See the list here 
Visit Skiffer's webpage

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

HFUT on Facebook!

Year ago I made a Fb-page for HFUT. Did I keep it updated? No way. Do I look like a person who can focus on one thing at a time?

But now I have decided to try! So like HFUT on Fb and you'll stay tuned on my latest posts. Maybe. I mean, if I'm interested on keeping it updated. U know me..

But in it's best it can grow into good social network where people can share experiences and advices. HAWT!

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Jörn Donner dropped a bomb - not like Americas in Hiroshima

Finnish politician Jörn Donner thinks that Finland shouldn't send anyone to Sotshi Olympics. Russia, or lets not generalize in this case, Mr. Putin and his little dogs have made so clear that Russia is way behind in civilization (we all have seen the pictures how gay people are treated in Russia, right?)

So, from Mr. Donner opinion Finland shouldn't participate.

I totally agree. Thumbs up for Jörn!

Ps. Ok, Jörn says that Finland would save millions with this, but country like Finland, do we think about money? Our country spits money like Bitcoin machine... But we're next to Russia so we can't tell our opinion. You know...

Source: Iltalehti

Darkness, finland, depression, nothing interests...

I hate darkness. Living without sunlight makes me immediately depressed and turns me into negative person. I know I'm not like this normally, but hey flowers need sunshine too to stay alive.

Superfoods are well worshipped products. I don't like worshipping, except satan when it's dark and I hate everything. Except satan.

I started to dope maca root powder and it helped me a lot. It doesn't taste so good, but don't mind the taste - it really helps to balance your hormone levels. It also hats plenty of vitamins that boost your immunine system. 

So, if you are in Finland and not feeling motivated, get some maca root powder and drink one glass in the morning. You'll understand what I mean :)

You can get it from Ruohonjuuri eco shop or from bigger food markets! Cheapest you get it if you order from iHerb.

Partying in Helsinki

You know there are plenty of shit holes in Helsinki. I mean, some of the clubs play just so bad music that it makes you depress. Ok, if you are just going to hit on girls, then the music doesn't matter, but I like to go out for the music, not to score.

There's this new club which opened this year called Kaiku. Ok, there's this one other place that is called as Finland's Berghain, but we all know that you can't call any club in Finland as Berghain.

But now I focus on Kaiku, which has great music nights. I'm talking about techno and tech-house. Lot's of great DJ's are coming to play there, such as DJ's known from Berghain (Ostgut Ton residents) and plenty of more. Big thumbs for Kaiku for bringing Helsinki some Berlin sound!

One negative side is that bars close at 4 am, Kaiku as well. But then you can go to After hours in Playground where good music continues :)

Check out Kaiku
Check out Playground

Advertising on HFUT!

I'm mentioning lot's of products in my posts. Sometimes there are products that should be mentioned, but I might have a hole in my knowledge.

If you have a product that would fit in my posts, I'm open to have a look would it fit in my posts!

HFUT has 3000-5000 readers a month (depending how active I am). I prefer supporting local products and business owners.

So, if you fit in this category, contact me and let's have a chat if I could support your product!

Best you catch me with my e-mail

Looking forward to hear from you!

Christmas time in Finland

I know, if you are an expat and in Finland during Christmas time, it can get preeeeetty lonely. We Finns like to stick with our families, u know. You go to Facebook, no one's online. You go out, no one's there. It's lonely. I've heard there are some bars open in Helsinki and actually nowadays more and more people skip family Christmas because of broken family relations.

Like here in Berlin I have many Finnish friends who are not going home for Christmas. I'm one of them. I don't like Christmas - I don't understand why the whole family should pretend that it's nice to be together because rest of the year we're not having good flow.

Sources tell me that these bars are open Christmas evening:

Siltanen, Bar Loose, ... ok, rest of the bars I'm not even writing here because they are so horrible shitholes.

Actually I think that even my favorite bar, Om'Pu is open. And yes it is, and there's even Dj playing. Go to Om'Pu, it's always great fun there!

Finnish singer/actor: Vesa-Matti Loiri

I've been writing a lot about Aki Kaurismäki and many of actors and actresses who perform in his movies. Sure there are plenty of other personalities in Finland. One to mention is Vesa-Matti Loiri, aka Vesku (68), who has been performing in movies since he was a young bloke.

I'm not going to write his biography here, you can check it out from Wikipedia, but I'm going to focus on writing how awesome man he is nowadays. In Helsingin Sanomat Father's Day special they had interview Vesku and his son Joonas. The topic is that "You couldn't call Vesku as a dad". I think this kind of honesty is good to bring up as an example how even people who have succeed in fame are maybe not so successful in family life.

Vesku also admits that he was a bad dad and that now it hurts him. He promised his child, Joonas, things such as going to amusement park and he didn't appear to pick Joonas up. Joonas waited him for hours. Put yourself in Joonas' shoes - a child waiting for his dad for hours. That leaves deep scarves in life for sure. It's all psychological and parents don't always realize how they damage their children's future.

By these times Vesku was performing in movies and everyone knew him, but other side his family was suffering.

Vesku tells in the interview that the older he gets, the more he has started to understand the meaning of family. Well, it's never too late and the most important thing is to understand this - and for other people learn how to forgive.

Nowadays Vesku performs even in Finnish clothing brand Makia's catalog photos.

Photo from here
Source: Helsingin Sanomat

Words with different meanings: Keissi

In Finnish there are several words with multiple meanings. And Finnish is not like French that you play with tones - no no - if you say "keissi", you say it with same tone but it has different meaning.

So if someone says "Mikä keissi!" it can mean:

A case of beer

A beer belly

Or basically a case, like when there's this case and this case. How do you explain this word... Like police has a case - a murder case. Yes.

And now you wonder what "keissi" actually means? Well, basically it means "case". In real Finnish you don't call a pack of beer or a beer belly "keissi", but somehow slang has shaped the word in this form.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Jobless in Finland, noo problem!

Finland is the country of rules. We probably have the most rules in world after Japan. Ok, North Korea, China or Russia don't count in this because they are not following democracy.

Now they have started to loose some rules, one is for people without jobs. In 2014 jobless person gets 32,66 € a day. That makes 979 € a month. Hey that's actually pretty much! Sure it minuses taxes, approx. 10%. Before jobless person couldn't work - makes sense - but in a way it doesn't. You know how shitty it is to be without function in your life. And then one day someone offers you a freelance job and you can't take it because it will fuck up your money you get from government. And then we have a problem.

Next year person without a job can earn 300€ a month and get the government support money for being jobless. This is fantastic! Thank you Finland for improving. Maybe one day I'll move back if you keep on changing this way!

More positive news!

Flying arrogant object

If you visit Helsinki and see flying arrogant sign up in the sky, don't hesitate - it's only an airplane that someone decided to make graffiti on.

Yes, you red right. This happened in Malmi airport which runs for small airplanes. One morning one of the airplanes had graffiti saying "leso", meaning in Finnish slang "arrogant".

And this is how it looks like:

LOOK AT IT! Look at the colors. It's match made in heaven!

They promise 1000€ reward to anyone who wants to fuck up the person who made this. I'd prefer the graffiti staying there.

Source: Helsingin Sanomat / photo too

Finnish drug police are so funny

Imagine you working as a drug police. A cop. You are the example for all the citizens, you follow the law and everyone adores you. You are like superman of the country.

But then there are Finnish drug police's. They do their work, yes. They arrest people who are sending or receiving drugs. They walk around with their drug dogs, arrest hippies in the street carrying 2 grams of weed.

What happens to the drugs? Don't know about that, but Finnish drug cops have been caught about using drugs. One of the main dude is head of drug polices, Police Commissioner Jari Aarnio, who is suspected on helping delivering drugs, accepting bribe's,.. and lot's of other things.

Keep on doupin' Finnish cops!

Source: Uusi Suomi

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