Thursday, 12 December 2013

Uu, forest - we must destroy it!

You know, East Helsinki used to be the bad ass area. It was filled with alcoholics (actually it still is), drug users, many immigrants and mentally fucked up people. During evenings you didn't want to walk alone there.

Actually I feel sorry for the immigrants who had to move there. Though, nowadays East Helsinki has become safer. Like I wrote, there are still plenty of alcoholics, but the whole Finland is anyway filled with them. The main reason East Helsinki to clean up (from my point of view) is that apartment rents in Central Helsinki area have rise so much that it's better to move to East Helsinki, where rent's are not that high - yet - and you get big apartment for the price you'd get a shit hole (also known as suicide box) in Central Helsinki.

I rarely travel to East Helsinki and my knowledge about the area is very little. But what I have noticed every time I visit there is how green it is there! Lot's of trees and green areas. The sea is near by too. Sounds like a paradise, huh?

Yes, in a way it is paradise. Though I think the architecture in East Helsinki is horrible. Houses are new there, so yeah... you know that Finnish architecture is world known, but... well... in East Helsinki all the blocks of flats are very ugly. Very suburb looking, you know.

SO! What now? They're planning about cutting some forests and green areas of Meri-Rastila (one of suburbs in East Helsinki) and build more houses there. How clever, isn't it! Especially in Finland, its so fucking clever to make more houses in Helsinki, soon we're going to be like New Zealand - 4 million people living in the capital and 1 million around Finland.

What's wrong with the brain of people who have the power for deciding things? Let's cut the forests, hooray!

The area that is in danger
My anger level: VERY HIGH.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Racism keeps on shining in Finnish media

Me and my Finnish friend were sitting in a bar here in Berlin. One berliner came to talk to us. Somehow we ended up telling him how racist country Finland actually is. He was surprised.

6.12. is Finland's Independence Day. It's all about our grandpa's fighting in the war against Russians, lot's of vodka and little Finland winning it's independence. If we simplify the whole scenario.

Let's not always focus on thinking about the past. Like my grandpa, he never talked about the war. He was happy to have his children and grandchildren around. He was happy to be alive to see us. He was a truly loving person, though he did kill many people during the war. But the least thing he wanted was to people to fight and kill each other. He was kind of forced to do so, for his own country.

There are not that many war veterans alive anymore in Finland, but for example in my generation, all of us grandpa's did fought in war. I didn't learn from my grandpa to hate people, I learnt to love everything that surrounds me. Especially cats, my grandpa loved cats. Early in times my grandpa and grandma would accommodate gypsies traveling around Finland. They didn't care about where you come from or who you are, they wanted to share what they have with anyone who passed by.

And I bet there were plenty of families like this. 

Then something happened beginning to late 80's. More and more exiles started to come to Finland. Biggest wave came from Somalia. They got so much shit from Finnish people: many of Finns would always consider them as thief's, even news papers wanted to show them on bad light. Ok, I study journalism and if my collages would ever write something racist, I would definitely think that they are not being professionals. But those times it was normal.

Nowadays these Somalians are Finnish citizens. They speak even more fluent Finnish than I do. And you know how easy language Finnish is to learn. I mean, these Somalians have seen really an effort to fit in Finnish society. Still, really STILL there are people in Finland, who comment about their skin color, tell them to move away from Finland, back to Somalia, and yell insulting words. 

I mean, these people who are acting like assholes to these Somalians, who have fucking lived almost 30-years in Finland, educated themselves, learnt the language, learnt the culture - how do some people really dare to tell someone who has escaped from middle of war to a fucking strange country called Finland - to fuck off?
I know that my grandpa would have opened his heart to anyone who has seen the war and managed to escape from such horror.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Donating has become gay friendly - wait, what?

Ok, let's not talk about politics in this case.

Let's talk about something much important. One rising amount in medical needs has been blood. Yes, that red stuff running in our veins. Only in cancer treatments blood is very important as platelets are used part of the treatment. And you know how this world is nowadays fucked up and most of us get cancer - it's not anymore family illness, most of the clothes we wear have bad chemicals and food that we eat is filled with unknown stuff.

Help is needed, we need people to donate blood.

Since HIV transferred from monkeys to people (yeah, does someone still believe this story?) men who have sex with same gender, haven't been able to donate blood. How many of gay have HIV? Nowadays it's family guys who go to Thailand and fuck prostitutes for a little amount of money. Then they return home and give this souvenir to their wife.

Gladly change has happened - I mean now men who have sex with same gender can donate blood in Finland!

Check out SPR - page (in English). There you can see even blood barometer.

HFUT is rising again!