Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Into great parties? Here's one!

There has been fantastic parties at Konttiaukio, in Suvilahti. Now it's end of summer in Finland (as it's considered, George don't blame me!) and outdoor parties are picking their bags.

Staring on early morning at 4 am on 7th of September and ending on Sunday, there will be this great party going on. List had more than 20 DJ's from techno to dub to even psy. Eww, psy.. But techno, deep techno, maybe some tech-house too. Ambient is always good.

It costs 5-10€ depending on day. Support your local artist. 

Check out more here (only in Finnish)

(EDIT:  Sorries, I had totally wrong location written here, check the right place from their FB-page)

Our ex President is a hero

Yesterday there was a picture on Facebook, in which Finland's ex President Tarja Halonen (SDP) was garbage picking. In Finnish it' called "dyykkaus".

In many countries people do this in different scales. And actually you can find pretty good stuff this way. Real recycling, against capitalism.

But hey, it was our ex President. But Tarja is like this, she's been always in the same level with citizens. And thats why I love her so much. Now our president is Sauli Niinistö (NCP) and oh man... Well, maybe I keep my opinion as my own.

Mista lava lava

As this blog has followed my love life - too - I have some news. Funny news.

So, I move to Berlin - the city which is packed with international interesting men. I go to a club and just sit there my mouth open - so many hot men are surrounding me. People are also nice as I find so many people having same kind of interests with me. For the first time in my life. 

What happens? I meet a Finnish man. In Berlin. I will tell more when the situations get more clear. At the moment we are HAVING SOME GOD DAMN DIFFICULTIES!


Trendy food, trendy food

Finnish people are so funny. Yes I'm generalizing. Again. Again George from shitland is going to get angry to me by emailing "I have one friend from Finland and he said it's not like that". Suck balls, George. I bet I have bigger friend connection in Finland than your imaginary Finnish friend.

Ok, temper down.

Every now and then there jumps up some new food trend in Finland. If you mention word "Avocado pasta" to someone Finnish, they will straight away start telling you how delicious it is. It was a huge trend a year ago. Some markets ran out of avocados because of this. Then there was horse meat trend after Findus scandal. Also there has been rhubarb pie trend. But the biggest was definitely avocado pasta trend.

Now avocado pasta has got something that competes: kale chips. E V E R Y B O D Y talks about kale chips. Shut up George, when I say EVERYBODY I'm not only generalizing, I am also pointing to whole Finland.

I havent tasted kale chips, but my cousin made them yesterday and said her apartment smelled like death after that. Maybe I stick on seaweed chips with wasabi taste...

Ps. I forgot: there was also coconut oil trend. I am victim of that trend too.

Hey there!

I have a new blog that is in English. Its not subjecting Helsinki, its more about my life, Berlin and my projects. Its trying to be English version of my Finnish blog...

Welcome to read it :)

HFUT is rising again!