Friday, 5 April 2013

A movie worth of wathing

"A son and a father go on a road trip that turns into a musical journey into the emotional memory and the history of Finnish immigration in Sweden; of shame, guilt, crime, alcoholism, and family secrets."

Ticket inspectors aka Smurfs

As I have wrote, it costs you 80 € if you travel without ticket in Helsinki public transportation. Ouch. A couple of day ago I found this great Facebook-page where people warn others about Smurfs. They write on what train/metro/tram they are and where they have seen the Smurfs. This is really great idea! It's in Finnish, but you can use Bing to translate. Sharing is caring. I love this!

Check out SMURFFITUTKA (only in Finnish, but if you know some, you might save 80€!)

HFUT is rising again!