Friday, 11 January 2013

416th issue: What comes to my mind

Sometimes I read Finnish trash newspapers just to get more annoyed. Usually titles of articles are titled so bad that I start playing a game in my mind. It's called THE REACTION GAME.

It goes like this: you read the title and react with the first thing that comes to your mind.

I'll teach you:

"Kimin auto ensimmäisenä esiin" 
 "Kimi's (Räikkönen) car first out"
My reaction: aha.

Korkojen kera: Sarasvuo teki uuden aluevaltauksen somessa: "Siitähän tulee känniin"

"With heels (Finnish talk show): Sarasvuo made a new branching in some: "It makes you drunk""

My reaction: What is "some?" Is it supposed to be Suomi, like Finland in Finnish? There's a typo obviously. And then, this whole sentence, W T F ?

"Poliisi pesi kätensä Turun itsetyydytysepäilystä"

"Police washed hands from the masturbation case in Turku"

My reaction: RIGHT.

"Täydellinen tyyliopas Katen pukeutumiseen - katso vaatemerkit ja lempivärit"

"A perfect style guide to Kate's style - check out the brands and favorite colors"

My reaction: Why? Why would I want to dress up exactly like Kate? We don't even look the same, or have same color in skin, we have different body shape... Why would I copy her?

"Norjassa velloo "pyllygate" - hiihtokaunottaren takamuksesta nousi häly"

"There's an ass gate milling around in Norway - skiing beauty's  ass made a hullabaloo"

My reaction: this was a very informative news. Now I can stop reading this trash newspaper. And I don't know if "assgate" means really ass gate. And I'm not going to learn it by reading the news.

As you can see, none of these titles were interesting enough to get me to read the actual news. They were so badly titled that my mind spotted always something from them.

I say: trash newspapers.

Source: lltasanomat

415th issue: School project

Video that I made to Environment organization in Helsinki. I did write about this project, in which I was working hard. I did everything alone. Still, our producer didn't like the result, as I didn't follow my original script because of lack of € and camera unit.

But in the video you can see some parts of Helsinki during the summer.

Music, which I originally planned, I had to change and then I had to learn how to make music and this is actually my very first track. Which I'm not proud of at all. But this is how you learn.

Yhteys from EsinAamutuuli on Vimeo.

414th issue: Songs about Helsinki

Thursday, 10 January 2013

413th issue: Finnish men interests

These are the results, how people have ended up to HFUT. You might see something, that is all the time there.

Yes, Finnish men.

People world wide seem to be interested about Finnish mens behavior. I'm not surprised at all about this. From most of my posts you can read my problems with connecting with Finnish guys. And from those posts, you can always spot the sentence "Finns are extremely shy".

That shyness is the main problem. Along shyness most of these guys are traumatized, as I have written.

I really love Finnish men, but only as a friend. They are just so awesome as friends, that it's a shame to ruin this friendship by trying to have a relationship. When I moved to Berlin and started to date guys here (mostly German), my eyes opened. I realized that this is how things should go. I think German guys are very easy. They know their role as a man, but they are not too man.

Before, never ever I would consider dating a German man. Now I'm in love with most of them. And this is just because they have showed me how things really should go. I don't like guys who are inhibited. I don't also like guys who try too hard. And this was what I was facing in Finland.

I think German guys have the right balance between these two.

But still, I know so fantastic Finnish men. And you might meet yours. Still, with most of them making a relationship is an mission. Especially if you're a strong woman.

I wish you luck!

And who's searching for those penis sizes?

412th issue: Krishna organization wont get the villa

Two days ago I wrote about Krishna organization wanting to buy the villa in Puotila.

The news tells, that real Estate Committee organized a poll about who should have the right to buy the Puotila villa (or what ever it's original name is).

Even though Krishna organization had 250 000€ in their pocket, the votes didn't go for them. An entrepreneurial group from East Helsinki got the most of the votes and the villa is for them.

So, the whole scenario went like this: Olli Saarinen from the National Coalition party made a counter-proposal for selling the villa for entrepreneurial group. What a surprise, someone from the National Coalition party puts entrepreneurial group in the first place.

And what a surprise, that Saarinen's proposal went through. Instead of selling the villa for Krishnas, entrepreneurial group won the nomination 5-4.

Two politicians from the Greens tried to make change in this. Tuomas Viskari made another counter-proposal. Viskari wanted to give more time for the buyers to re-new their purchase proposal.

Again, these funny people voted. They voted surprisingly 4-5. No shit Sherlock. Of course people who voted "Yes" for the entrepreneurial group are going to vote "No" for Viskari's proposal.

As Tuula Paalimäki (The Greens) said: "We think that offer-makers weren't treated equally".

Oh well, democracy is not always fair.

Krishna organization wanted to open a vegetarian restaurant in the villa.

Source HS

411th issue: Rent's getting higher

Oh yeah, great stuff!

Rent an apartment, pay more than half of your salary.

As there was a rumor about our president, Sauli Niinistö, saying about salary cut downs. Now there's a new news that will make things even better! Ironically.

PTT, Pellervo Institute for Economic Research, announced that in year 2013 rents will get higher. The average rise will be 3,5%.

The rent rises are regional. E.g in Oulu, which is Central Finland, the rents wont rise.

But in Helsinki baby, you are going to feel it!

My friend just rented an apartment from Kallio. She's paying 640€ for 20sqm apartment. Then add the electricity and other living costs.

If your gross income is 2,000€/a month (and this is a lot for a person who's not educated at all!), your net income will be around 1,300€. Student's, who get financial aid from Institute for Social Secure 499€/a month, can earn along this as gross income 660€.

So, student's total income for a month is 1159€. Again, if the rent is 640€ + other bills (phone, electricity etc.) which are around 45€/a month.

This means student's have 474€ to use for a month. This minuses different costs, such as transportation ticket 25-46€/a month (depending on the ticket), if student gets ill and needs doctor this costs something less than 30€ + medicine XX€. Also, University and Polytechnic students have to buy books and other stuff for school (art students have to spend more money for materials). Then we have to add the seasons in Finland. Winters are cold, so we need good jackets and shoes.

And the rest is for food.

So let's do the math:

474 - 25 (student, who lives in Helsinki) - 25 (bill for doctor) - 15 (medicine) - 40 (materials for school) - 70 (jacket and other clothing) - 50 (shoes) = 249€

249 / 30 = 8,3€

Student, who lives in Helsinki and is working, has average 8,3€ to spend in food/ a day. And now I realized I forgot to minus the taxes from the gross income of 660€ and the financial aid 499€. Let's say that this student pays 4% taxes for his/her incomes. This means the salary after taxes will be 633,6€ (minus retired money which is some euros). Financial aid is always after taxes 469(and some cents)€.

So this example student has 416€ to use each month. After all the bills and doctors, this student has 167,6€ to spend for food a month, meaning 5,60€ a day.

With 5,6€ you get:

- one beer at bar

Ok, let's not talk about spending money in drinking alcohol.

It was just announced, that milk price will rise 30% from what it's now. I usually use organic milk, which costs anyway around 1,80€. This means, that organic milk's price will rise to over 2€. So, from your little 5,6€, 2€ for god damn milk is a lot. And most of the Finns love milk.

In Berlin, its very normal to live in share apartments. I hope, that more and more Finnish student will start doing so as well. Don't rent those expensive small apartments! Start boycotting the prices!  Start taking over buildings, we need more squats!

Sources Taloussanomat   , HSL, Helsingin Uutiset, Yle

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

410th issue: Some people in Helsinki have big hearts

Helsinki Animal protection foundation, Helsingin Eläinsuojeluyhdistys (HESY), announced that their Christmas fundraising tumbled compared to other years. Helsingin Uutiset writes, that the amount got more than doubled. Total amount was 61 220€, from which 50 000€ was given from internet.

Also people bring 71 kg of dog food and 105 kg of cat food to the collection points. Along food, people bring toys, anthelmintics and other goods for animals.

Instead of buying just something to your nearest people, it's a good way to put this money to animal protection. And obviously many people have done so.

Good news! My heart melts <3

Source here

Ps. Check out HESY's web-page and help these homeless little creatures!

409th issue: I'm going to Helsinki!

Sudden trip to Helsinki confirmed today!

Kultainen Venla gaala, Golden Venla Gala, will be organized 20th of January. TV-serie, I was in about a year ago, is nominated in as Finland's best reality TV-serie.

I will fly to Helsinki for four days because of this. Nice.

Gladly I have a gift voucher for Finnair, which I got last month. It was the result after my flight was delayed 4 hours in 2009 when I was flying to Tokyo from Helsinki.

Double nice.

I'm so looking forward to this :)

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

408th issue: The Punk Syndrome

More about punk - music!

If you are in Finland, you have the opportunity to watch Kovasikajuttu - The Punk Syndrome from Yle Areena.

I can't watch it as I'm in Germany. Boohhoo!

Watch it here

407th issue: Finnish punk band: Pää Kii

I called today my mother. She told that there's new punk band hype in Finland. This band is called Pää Kii, meaning Shut up in English.

My mother told also that the lead singer, Teemu and other member from the band were interviewed in Finland's broadcast television company, Yle, morning show.

Our new president, Sauli Niinistö/The National Coalition Party (later mentioned as Nipsu), came up with an idea that salaries should be cut down. Later, people got angry and blamed that Nipsu is being populistic. Nipsu replied for people saying that he has never said anything about cutting the salaries.

Oh well, someone said it.

Did you know that there's Nipsu in Moomins too? Its that brown creature with a long nose. Maybe it was him/her then?

Ok, back to the topic. So if they lower peoples salaries, you know what's this going to do for people who earn less. Like 1800€/a month. It means that they will be suffering from this cut the most.

So, in the interview Teemu said something about the planned salary cut. Teemu's band member said: -"Yes, so it's going to effect you and me".


Face your citizens, Nipsu!

Hopefully Nipsu was watching TV that time.

406th issue: Journalism in Finland: there's hope!

Finnis journalism has really gone to very bad. As journalism is business nowadays, it means that newspapers are trying to bring up news that are shocking. Finnish trash newspapers* (as I call them) are also coloring some of the news. Most of their journalists are very amateur and have no moral in writing stuff.

The most terrifying thing is, that hundreds of thousands people read these newspapers, which are sharing very narrow-minded and black and white news. This is how you make money.

I have wrote about this several times about my angst towards trash newspapers.

But end of the rainbow, there's something. Oh yeah, there will be Long Play - web-page, which offers investigated journalism. This means that the articles are really long, but they have lot's of information in them.

Not like: "Fukushima is exploding!" , next news is: "Fukushima is leaking!", next news is: "Fukushima reactor is in bad condition!"

In investigated journalism they focus more on bringing up the answers for who, what, where, when. And the best point is, that when the journalist has really done good investigation work, there might jump up very different things. More perspective to the subject.

Long Play's editor-in-chief, Johanna Vehkoo, summarizes the whole concept as "Fair trade journalism".

Gut gemacht!

*=Iltalehti and Iltasanomat

Sources: Yle

405th issue: Club Adams

As I have been off-seasoning with HFUT, I haven't written anything about a very nice club that was opened in Helsinki almost a year ago. It's club Adams.

What makes this place so special? Dj's that are playing and gigs that are organized there!

If you are into electronic music, such as techno, tech-house, minimal etc. You should check out Adams. Electronic music scene in Helsinki is not that big. People choose often to go to bars and clubs to get drunk. Rarely people go for the music.

I've been wondering why e.g Bakers is always so full. They play horrible music there and prices are expensive. But it's a good place to meet people and get absolutely hammered.

You can get hammered in Adams as well. And people do so. But they still go there for the music.

I don't like to drink my beer when they play Anastasia or some other horrible pop artist as background music. I'm very picky about this. I like my head to shake a little bit with the beat. And techno makes your head do this. Also I like to dance. Techno is excellent for this too.

You can dance Anastasia too, but... yeah. It's not the same. It's very hard to catch up beats from pop songs because the main idea in pop is not the music, it's the artists and her/his edited voice. And the appearance.

So, if you want to listen to good music that makes you dance, go to Adams.

In the corner of Erottajankatu and Ludviginkatu

What else?
During the day time there's a restaurant! I haven't tried it yet, but maybe you should?

See more info about upcoming gigs from their web-page.

Lovely Niko Likainen is playing there often. Listen to his set and go and dig him in Adams!

404th issue: Lux Helsinki

I'm a bit late with sharing this news. For this year. Next year it will be around again, hopefully.

Lux Helsinki is a light happening which has been organized in Helsinki since 2009. For four days lot's of nice light installations take over the city. They are projected to different buildings and walls all over Helsinki. We have same kind of happening in Berlin, City of Light.

January is very dark month in Finland. Or it's just another dark month that sun shows it's face rarely. And when it shows, it's only for a few hours. Then it's dark again.

So this kind of light happening is very welcome to Helsinki. And people have been really enjoying Lux Helsinki, as it makes the city alive again, in a very interesting way.

You can see some photos from Lux Helsinki's web-page. Check them out and have a view to Helsinki from a different perspective.

This year it will be organized 4.-8.1.14

(Picture by Hannu Iso-Oja)
Casa Magica: Emergence. Photo Hannu Iso-Oja.

403rd issue: Helsingin Sanomat is now tabloid

As the topic tells, Finland's most red newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat (later mentioned as HS), has turned into tabloid version.

About a month ago HS made their web-news paid. Before you could read all the news for free, or most of it.

Still, the readers have right to read 5 news for free once a week. My friend told me how you cheat HS. Just empty your cookies and web history - or something like that. He used so many strange words that I dropped from cart.

But the point is that everything can be hacked. I am not teaching you how to be a bad boy, I'm just telling you that human is still wiser than internet.

As a concrete newspaper HS daily has been always too huge. I read usually this newspaper at the airplane and it has been always an mission to read it. Though, there's a way of doing it, but it's not enjoyable.

Based on Wikipedia, tabloid size means in Finland that the newspaper is 280 mm wide and 240 mm high.

The best part of HS, is that they teach you at their homepage how you can make a bio trash bag from the newspaper.

Here you can watch the tutorial video. After this, if you haven't used bio trash before at your home, now it's about the time to start doing so.

Sources: Wikipedia, HS and Yle.

Monday, 7 January 2013

402nd issue: Krishna organization might have new home

It’s so easy to provocate Finnish people.

Today Helsingin Uutiset (Helsinki News) wrote about a villa that Krishna organization wants to buy with 250 000€. The problem was that people who live in Puotila don’t want to give up this historical and cultural building. Why? This villa offers good space to have meetings and there’s also a restaurant. So it’s a kind of a meeting place for people in Puotila. Puotila organization tried to buy this villa as well, but they offered 220 000€.

No money, no villa.

In the article it was said that people are not against Krishna organization buying it. People are afraid that they will loose this meeting place, because it will turn private.

The housing agency sas tht it will be still open for people. And you know Krishnas, they feed you if you are hungry and poor etc.

Then I went to my favorite spot: the comment section. And guess how the peopel had red this news?

One brings up the point that Krishna religion has been involved to child abuse. What does this do with the villa? This person means Krishnas are going to have orgys with children in this villa?


Other person writes:
- ”Let’s make this villa rather a Veikkaus* supported reception center for gay necrophile eskimos.
Welcome to Puotila, all the gay necrophile eskimos !”
(original text: “Tehdään Puotilan kartanosta mieluummin veikkkausvaroin tuettu homojen nekrofiilieskimoiden vastaanottokeskus.”
Tervetuloa Puotilaan kaikki homot nekrofiilieskimot !)

* = Veikkaus is a gambling organization in Finland which supports e.g people with disabilities.

I'm kinda of... speechless. 

The whole news (and the comments) can be red here (In Finnish)

401st issue: Lava lava

I found myself saying to my friend: - "In Helsinki, it's so easy to have one night stand as the bars close their doors at 4 am. In Berlin, I never have such things because bars never close!"

One of the things I love in Berlin is the music scene and clubbing - for sure. There is also dark side of all this, but lets not go there. I, personally, enjoy staying in the club for limitless time. And when I get absolutely tired, I go home. Alone.

In Helsinki, during the weekends bars get packed up around 12 am and at 2:30 am people are so hammered that you might see quite interesting things happening. Or actually, you might see people in very strange condition after drinking so much. Just in few hours people turn from shy to super social creatures, who have no control on themselves.

When the bars close, you see lot's of people walking Z in the streets. Somehow, they still manage to grab a guy/girl with them to their home.

I don't know how they do this. I know that alcohol wakens up your sexual needs, but I don't understand that how people, who walk Z do this.

Then I look back in time. I was exactly the same. I was walking Z. Sometimes I was walking Z with a guy who I found attractive that moment. I still had autopilot with me when I was walking this Z: I would rarely take these guys at my place. Why? Because in the morning, seeing this guys face in my home is something that I don't enjoy. Especially, if that guy doesn't understand to leave my apartment straight away.

The worst experiences were, when my autopilot was off and I carried some bloke to my home. Next day he wanted to spend the whole day with me and I wasn't very into that. And it's so difficult to say to someone that: - "Can you just like... leave?"

Maybe I have learned from this. Here, I go to the clubs for the music and friends. I meet guys there, but I just give them my contacts, that we can meet in some other world than club world. These guys have been contacting me afterwords. But umm.. I never go and see them. I think clubs are not the best places to meet people for further dating or so. I feel like the whole world in clubs or bars is just an illusion. In daylight nothings the same.

Helsinki nightlife has taught me!

400th issue: I'm staring again!

After reading my book several times, I have realized how almost two years ago I had so good flow in writing to this blog.

Then something happened. I got too busy.

I think HFUT needs to continue! Even though I don't live in Finland anymore, I might have got some new perspective to things and I might be able to continue.

I shouldn't try, I should let my writing flow bloom again.

So I'm starting from 400.

HFUT is rising again!