Thursday, 19 December 2013

The best pizza in Helsinki?

So, you go to Helsinki and you kind of want to try how we serve pizza in Finland. You know, many places have their own twist in pizza.

As I have been away from Finland for over a year, I have been only following from social media what's hot. Constantly (especially during summer time) people write about Skiffer's pizza. Ok, so Helsinki is kind of a place where one thing is trendy and then everybody hype it. So that's why I kind of doubt things when people hype things out loud, but when I saw photos of Skiffer's pizzas I started to think that place might really have potential to be the best pizza place in Helsinki.

So, I can't say it's the best as I haven't tasted it, but let's have a look on the list...

Ok, first one is with buffalo mozzarella and artichoke. Slightly boring to my ear. Next one goat cheese, strawberries and pine nuts. Boring, and especially during winter you can't get very tasty strawberries from Finland sooo, hmm...

Fourth sounds interesting: vendace, smoked salmon, roe, fennel and poached egg. Yes, this is different, but leave salmons alone. They're over fished at the moment :(

Fifth is Surf&Turf, which I have seen (on Instagram) many people eating. It has chorizo salami, noble crayfish and fresh chili pepper. Ok, sounds interesting, but I don't understand this chorizo trend in Finland. It has been on for three years now.

Ok, so I can't continue reading the menu as I have something negative to say about each pizza on the list. But I haven't tasted them. Everyone who has, have been saying they are good.

And at the end I have to mention the prices... 14-17€.

Hello Finland.

See the list here 
Visit Skiffer's webpage

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