Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Sauna post: swimming halls and rentable saunas

All of my sauna posts have been great success. What's up with people Google sauna so much? Is it a must do when visiting Finland? I don't get it. I don't understand "a must do"-things at all. Boring people have must do list. What I prefer is to go and discover, start from pale table.

But here it is, once again - a fucking sauna post.

Swimming halls have saunas in Finland. Women and men don't mostly go to sauna together in these as they are located in each gender's side. There are many swimming halls in Helsinki. One bigger one is Mäkelärinteen uimahalli in Mäkelärinne.  It costs 6,30€ for adults and 3,20€ for students.

Yrjönkatu swimming hall is worth of visiting. It's a bit different: they have naked swimming hours for men and women, also each day is different for women and men. They have different kinds of saunas available and it's also historical building and worth of visiting! Read more about Yrjönkatu here . Open visit costs 5€.

If there is bigger group of you, there are saunas which you can rent. It costs sure money, but then you'll have the place for your group for the evening. It's nice way to spend time. Here you can see a list of rentable saunas (sorry, only in Finnish).

Also gym's have their own saunas.

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