Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Partying in Helsinki

You know there are plenty of shit holes in Helsinki. I mean, some of the clubs play just so bad music that it makes you depress. Ok, if you are just going to hit on girls, then the music doesn't matter, but I like to go out for the music, not to score.

There's this new club which opened this year called Kaiku. Ok, there's this one other place that is called as Finland's Berghain, but we all know that you can't call any club in Finland as Berghain.

But now I focus on Kaiku, which has great music nights. I'm talking about techno and tech-house. Lot's of great DJ's are coming to play there, such as DJ's known from Berghain (Ostgut Ton residents) and plenty of more. Big thumbs for Kaiku for bringing Helsinki some Berlin sound!

One negative side is that bars close at 4 am, Kaiku as well. But then you can go to After hours in Playground where good music continues :)

Check out Kaiku
Check out Playground

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