Thursday, 26 December 2013

Moomins are building their summer cottage in Japan?

Well, it won't surprise much if Moomins would move to Japan forever as their fame in this lovely country is phenomenal. It's always nice to hear that some Finnish product is selling abroad - this keeps our country in stable money wise. 

The good news in this is that Finnish playground equipment company Puuha Group will built the Moomin park in Tokyo, so it wont be made in China. I guess. Or hope. 

There's already one Moomin park (better known as Moomin land) in Naantali, Finland. I haven't personally ever been there, but I guess the visitors are mostly from Japan and therefore they have decided to build one in Japan too. Actually, the target audience for the park in Tokyo will be women at the age 20 to 40. 

They have maybe grown up watching Moomins and as Moomins are not only for children, there are some things in those stories which you understand when you are grown up. And original Moomins drink looots of alcohol. And eat different kind of substances. Just sayin'.

It hasn't confirmed yet if the park will rise in Tokyo, but there's a huge possibility. Hopefully it will happen!

Source: Iltasanomat

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