Thursday, 12 December 2013

Uu, forest - we must destroy it!

You know, East Helsinki used to be the bad ass area. It was filled with alcoholics (actually it still is), drug users, many immigrants and mentally fucked up people. During evenings you didn't want to walk alone there.

Actually I feel sorry for the immigrants who had to move there. Though, nowadays East Helsinki has become safer. Like I wrote, there are still plenty of alcoholics, but the whole Finland is anyway filled with them. The main reason East Helsinki to clean up (from my point of view) is that apartment rents in Central Helsinki area have rise so much that it's better to move to East Helsinki, where rent's are not that high - yet - and you get big apartment for the price you'd get a shit hole (also known as suicide box) in Central Helsinki.

I rarely travel to East Helsinki and my knowledge about the area is very little. But what I have noticed every time I visit there is how green it is there! Lot's of trees and green areas. The sea is near by too. Sounds like a paradise, huh?

Yes, in a way it is paradise. Though I think the architecture in East Helsinki is horrible. Houses are new there, so yeah... you know that Finnish architecture is world known, but... well... in East Helsinki all the blocks of flats are very ugly. Very suburb looking, you know.

SO! What now? They're planning about cutting some forests and green areas of Meri-Rastila (one of suburbs in East Helsinki) and build more houses there. How clever, isn't it! Especially in Finland, its so fucking clever to make more houses in Helsinki, soon we're going to be like New Zealand - 4 million people living in the capital and 1 million around Finland.

What's wrong with the brain of people who have the power for deciding things? Let's cut the forests, hooray!

The area that is in danger
My anger level: VERY HIGH.

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