Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Jobless in Finland, noo problem!

Finland is the country of rules. We probably have the most rules in world after Japan. Ok, North Korea, China or Russia don't count in this because they are not following democracy.

Now they have started to loose some rules, one is for people without jobs. In 2014 jobless person gets 32,66 € a day. That makes 979 € a month. Hey that's actually pretty much! Sure it minuses taxes, approx. 10%. Before jobless person couldn't work - makes sense - but in a way it doesn't. You know how shitty it is to be without function in your life. And then one day someone offers you a freelance job and you can't take it because it will fuck up your money you get from government. And then we have a problem.

Next year person without a job can earn 300€ a month and get the government support money for being jobless. This is fantastic! Thank you Finland for improving. Maybe one day I'll move back if you keep on changing this way!

More positive news!

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