Thursday, 26 December 2013

Finnish journalism

There's new wave of young journalists in Finland. There's also a new trend.

New trend started after Li Andersson (Green Party) and Susanna Koski (NCP) had debate on TV. Andersson used one word that is not used in daily language, so it's kind of "civilized word". Koski look at her with open mouth, meaning she didn't understand this word. Then Andersson made her caught that she is much more "sophisticated".

All support to Andersson from me. I think she did well in this debate. But... then there are these young journalists who noticed the power of using civilized words. They use them nowadays so often in each thing they write, just to prove that their readers are stupid. Ok, fair enough, as Slavoj Zizek said "99% of people are boring idiots" - yes I agree - but these young journalists don't remember that most of these civilized words come from Latin and Finnish is not related to Latin language. So if people don't know the meaning of "presque vu"it's not that they are stupid, it's not just something Finns would use when they are discussing. It would sound mega stupid.

But this is the new trend and I don't know why these young journalists do this. Why they try to prove that their readers are unsophisticated. Readers are the ones that matter, not those words with which you try to prove that you know how to say it in French.

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