Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Donating has become gay friendly - wait, what?

Ok, let's not talk about politics in this case.

Let's talk about something much important. One rising amount in medical needs has been blood. Yes, that red stuff running in our veins. Only in cancer treatments blood is very important as platelets are used part of the treatment. And you know how this world is nowadays fucked up and most of us get cancer - it's not anymore family illness, most of the clothes we wear have bad chemicals and food that we eat is filled with unknown stuff.

Help is needed, we need people to donate blood.

Since HIV transferred from monkeys to people (yeah, does someone still believe this story?) men who have sex with same gender, haven't been able to donate blood. How many of gay have HIV? Nowadays it's family guys who go to Thailand and fuck prostitutes for a little amount of money. Then they return home and give this souvenir to their wife.

Gladly change has happened - I mean now men who have sex with same gender can donate blood in Finland!

Check out SPR - page (in English). There you can see even blood barometer.

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