Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Darkness, finland, depression, nothing interests...

I hate darkness. Living without sunlight makes me immediately depressed and turns me into negative person. I know I'm not like this normally, but hey flowers need sunshine too to stay alive.

Superfoods are well worshipped products. I don't like worshipping, except satan when it's dark and I hate everything. Except satan.

I started to dope maca root powder and it helped me a lot. It doesn't taste so good, but don't mind the taste - it really helps to balance your hormone levels. It also hats plenty of vitamins that boost your immunine system. 

So, if you are in Finland and not feeling motivated, get some maca root powder and drink one glass in the morning. You'll understand what I mean :)

You can get it from Ruohonjuuri eco shop or from bigger food markets! Cheapest you get it if you order from iHerb.

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