Thursday, 19 December 2013

Continuing with pizza!

Fancy 17€ pizza sounds maybe too harsh to expats ears. When I travel, I don't count in my daily budget 17€ to each food portion I have during the day. I don't have that money. So, how about trying something not that fancy, but cheap and tasty?

The place to eat pizza with local peeps is called Mäkikupla in Kallio. Normally you go and have a pizza and a pint of beer. I usually take stronger beer, which we call "nelos kalja". Usually beers served on tap are a "kolmos kalja", meaning it's alcohol is 4.7%, when stronger is 5.2%. But one thing is sure: have beer with your Mäkikupla pizza.

Mäkikupla looks like a small pub, and yes, there are some local alcoholics sitting along. This makes this place very special, worth of visiting.

Prices are 6,50-9,50€. My favorite is Pinato which has spinach, zucchini, broccoli, artichoke.

But please remember to keep your belongings under your eyes. Once we were there with my friend and some narcotic addict crack head stole my friends phone from the table while she was on toilet and I was sitting there. Yap. But it's not Mäkikupla's fault, it's that the surrounding is not as fancy....

Torkkelinkatu 4 in Kallio

And it's open until 2 am!

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