Thursday, 26 December 2013

Answering questions: "Finnish men hard working"

Why Finland is doing so well in world business? Because we work hard. Working keeps us apart from reality which is depressing especially from end of September to beginning of March. We work hard that time would go faster. During the winter there's so much less to do in Finland, really. We can't go and hang out in the park with friends, no way. We work and in the evenings we are tired - so we sleep. During weekends we drink ourselves almost dead, so that's why we try to work hard also during weekdays to prove ourself that "I don't have alcohol problem", but middle of the week it changes to "this weekend I can drink as I've been working so hard".

So, we work hard because it's dark and boring but also because we try to prove that we don't have alcohol problem but then also to prove ourself that we deserve to have shots of Jallu and many pints of beer.

From my point of view.

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