Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Checkpoint Helsinki

Checkpoint? Well, all the artists can't always be so creative on inventing names.

After I started to read about this new project that got just funding, I got very surprised on what Finland funds...

First thing is, that I hope this project will start running, because we had Helsinki Design Capital and it was just a huge failure. It was all about advertising big Finnish companies. My friend Antti says that art is the oldest appearance of capitalism, but hey c'mon, do we really have to make it so clear like they made it during HDC.

Ok, so Checkpoint Helsinki is about visual arts; about performance arts for example. This project will be running for 3 years and its said to be the thing that is instead of Guggenheim (we had huge war in Finland, because most of citizens didn't want Guggenheim in Finland).

Checkpoint Helsinki has had already one performance art, in which Turkish artist was giving books from fire truck. If their released projects are like this one, I totally support, because of the things happening in Turkey - people should read more books.

But lets see how Checkpoint starts running. I hope well.

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