Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Into great parties? Here's one!

There has been fantastic parties at Konttiaukio, in Suvilahti. Now it's end of summer in Finland (as it's considered, George don't blame me!) and outdoor parties are picking their bags.

Staring on early morning at 4 am on 7th of September and ending on Sunday, there will be this great party going on. List had more than 20 DJ's from techno to dub to even psy. Eww, psy.. But techno, deep techno, maybe some tech-house too. Ambient is always good.

It costs 5-10€ depending on day. Support your local artist. 

Check out more here (only in Finnish)

(EDIT:  Sorries, I had totally wrong location written here, check the right place from their FB-page)

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