Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mega flea market!

Beginning of the rent contract for famous Valtteri flea market ended. This left a huge hole in many peoples Sunday life. But there's a new thing coming instead! Not in the same spot where Valtteri used to be, this one is in Pasila. It's actually exhibition hall! 

It's going to be a mega flea market.

This flea market will be organized weekends, if there's no exhibitions. First time will take part on 16th of June!

I couldn't resist to go and read the comment box. One of my favorite thing is to read comment boxes because people are always so negative on them. And again people were. Some people were so sure that it will cost 16 € to get in and 9 € for parking. One person wrote: "Poor people down!" One commenter was thinking will one table cost 2500€ - just like they do when there's exhibition. 

Seriously, are these people trolling? 

Then someone threw facts on the table: if you are going to sell you stuff, one table costs 35€ and it includes that 9€ parking fee. Free entrance.

People are always scared of the worst case scenario and they don't bother to do some research to get the right answers. They rather live in their negative illusion. 

But hey, we're getting a new flea market!

Check out FinnExpo for dates

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