Monday, 6 May 2013

Ferris wheel!

In Katajanokka (which I have been writing earlier this week as well) there's another empty place. Wow, this area is so near to the city and it has so much empty place, isn't it weird? Slightly. Katajanokka has been totally forgotten, when those big people who decide about things have been focusing in filling with buildings Suvilahti area (which is very popular among people, while no one goes to Katajanokka). So, destroy the areas where people want to spend time, and keep empty places that no one goes? This time I have good news about Katajanokka, again. There will be a huge ferris wheel! Or it's not sure yet, but pretty sure. Planned ferris wheel should be ready in May, if everything goes well. There's another ferris wheel in Helsinki too - in Linnanmäki amusement park. Linnanmäki (later mentioned as Lintsi) is not in central Helsinki, so you see different things from the one in Lintsi. Katajanokka area is right next to the sea, so this ferris wheel for 300 people will give you a beautiful view to the sea and the islands surrounding Helsinki, but also to the city. In the spot, where ferris wheel will be built, there was first planned Guggenheim museum. But as many people consider this kinds of museums as high culture places, and as it was pretty expensive to built this building, the project didn't start. But now there's another new funny news: Jyrki Katainen (NCP) has given 700,000€ support money for philosopher, Pekka Himanen,  to do research. The problem is, that the case seems like begun in sauna, meaning that Mr. Katainen forgot that tose 700,000€ come from Finland state. And he also forgot that he has to compete all the researchers. Noo, I rather hire my friend. Mr. Katainen forgot that Finland state isn't his own company. Finland state is owned by its all citizens. But ferris wheel, ferris wheel, ferris wheel! We're going to have a ferris wheel!

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