Saturday, 4 May 2013

670th issue: Finnish men vol. 568

I have totally noticed something new about Finnish men. Ok, again I am generalizing and I shouldn't write that ALL of them are like this. But actually, quite many are!

Now, since I live in Berlin I have basically changed in my social appearance. What I mean is, that I'm more easy going and open to people. It's just something that happens to most on Finns when they stay abroad for longer period, if they only allow this to happen.

Now I'm in Finland. I decided to stay here for one month. Suddenly it's so easy to have connection with Finnish men (most of Finnish men).

The key is to be open minded and not to give too much effort to any of these men. They all come to you. Yeah, I know it's a bit stupid, because sometimes you want to make friends with someone, but with Finnish guys it doesn't go this way. They come to you.

They are like cats.  

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