Friday, 11 January 2013

416th issue: What comes to my mind

Sometimes I read Finnish trash newspapers just to get more annoyed. Usually titles of articles are titled so bad that I start playing a game in my mind. It's called THE REACTION GAME.

It goes like this: you read the title and react with the first thing that comes to your mind.

I'll teach you:

"Kimin auto ensimmäisenä esiin" 
 "Kimi's (Räikkönen) car first out"
My reaction: aha.

Korkojen kera: Sarasvuo teki uuden aluevaltauksen somessa: "Siitähän tulee känniin"

"With heels (Finnish talk show): Sarasvuo made a new branching in some: "It makes you drunk""

My reaction: What is "some?" Is it supposed to be Suomi, like Finland in Finnish? There's a typo obviously. And then, this whole sentence, W T F ?

"Poliisi pesi kätensä Turun itsetyydytysepäilystä"

"Police washed hands from the masturbation case in Turku"

My reaction: RIGHT.

"Täydellinen tyyliopas Katen pukeutumiseen - katso vaatemerkit ja lempivärit"

"A perfect style guide to Kate's style - check out the brands and favorite colors"

My reaction: Why? Why would I want to dress up exactly like Kate? We don't even look the same, or have same color in skin, we have different body shape... Why would I copy her?

"Norjassa velloo "pyllygate" - hiihtokaunottaren takamuksesta nousi häly"

"There's an ass gate milling around in Norway - skiing beauty's  ass made a hullabaloo"

My reaction: this was a very informative news. Now I can stop reading this trash newspaper. And I don't know if "assgate" means really ass gate. And I'm not going to learn it by reading the news.

As you can see, none of these titles were interesting enough to get me to read the actual news. They were so badly titled that my mind spotted always something from them.

I say: trash newspapers.

Source: lltasanomat

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