Thursday, 10 January 2013

413th issue: Finnish men interests

These are the results, how people have ended up to HFUT. You might see something, that is all the time there.

Yes, Finnish men.

People world wide seem to be interested about Finnish mens behavior. I'm not surprised at all about this. From most of my posts you can read my problems with connecting with Finnish guys. And from those posts, you can always spot the sentence "Finns are extremely shy".

That shyness is the main problem. Along shyness most of these guys are traumatized, as I have written.

I really love Finnish men, but only as a friend. They are just so awesome as friends, that it's a shame to ruin this friendship by trying to have a relationship. When I moved to Berlin and started to date guys here (mostly German), my eyes opened. I realized that this is how things should go. I think German guys are very easy. They know their role as a man, but they are not too man.

Before, never ever I would consider dating a German man. Now I'm in love with most of them. And this is just because they have showed me how things really should go. I don't like guys who are inhibited. I don't also like guys who try too hard. And this was what I was facing in Finland.

I think German guys have the right balance between these two.

But still, I know so fantastic Finnish men. And you might meet yours. Still, with most of them making a relationship is an mission. Especially if you're a strong woman.

I wish you luck!

And who's searching for those penis sizes?

HFUT is rising again!