Thursday, 10 January 2013

412th issue: Krishna organization wont get the villa

Two days ago I wrote about Krishna organization wanting to buy the villa in Puotila.

The news tells, that real Estate Committee organized a poll about who should have the right to buy the Puotila villa (or what ever it's original name is).

Even though Krishna organization had 250 000€ in their pocket, the votes didn't go for them. An entrepreneurial group from East Helsinki got the most of the votes and the villa is for them.

So, the whole scenario went like this: Olli Saarinen from the National Coalition party made a counter-proposal for selling the villa for entrepreneurial group. What a surprise, someone from the National Coalition party puts entrepreneurial group in the first place.

And what a surprise, that Saarinen's proposal went through. Instead of selling the villa for Krishnas, entrepreneurial group won the nomination 5-4.

Two politicians from the Greens tried to make change in this. Tuomas Viskari made another counter-proposal. Viskari wanted to give more time for the buyers to re-new their purchase proposal.

Again, these funny people voted. They voted surprisingly 4-5. No shit Sherlock. Of course people who voted "Yes" for the entrepreneurial group are going to vote "No" for Viskari's proposal.

As Tuula Paalimäki (The Greens) said: "We think that offer-makers weren't treated equally".

Oh well, democracy is not always fair.

Krishna organization wanted to open a vegetarian restaurant in the villa.

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