Thursday, 10 January 2013

411th issue: Rent's getting higher

Oh yeah, great stuff!

Rent an apartment, pay more than half of your salary.

As there was a rumor about our president, Sauli Niinistö, saying about salary cut downs. Now there's a new news that will make things even better! Ironically.

PTT, Pellervo Institute for Economic Research, announced that in year 2013 rents will get higher. The average rise will be 3,5%.

The rent rises are regional. E.g in Oulu, which is Central Finland, the rents wont rise.

But in Helsinki baby, you are going to feel it!

My friend just rented an apartment from Kallio. She's paying 640€ for 20sqm apartment. Then add the electricity and other living costs.

If your gross income is 2,000€/a month (and this is a lot for a person who's not educated at all!), your net income will be around 1,300€. Student's, who get financial aid from Institute for Social Secure 499€/a month, can earn along this as gross income 660€.

So, student's total income for a month is 1159€. Again, if the rent is 640€ + other bills (phone, electricity etc.) which are around 45€/a month.

This means student's have 474€ to use for a month. This minuses different costs, such as transportation ticket 25-46€/a month (depending on the ticket), if student gets ill and needs doctor this costs something less than 30€ + medicine XX€. Also, University and Polytechnic students have to buy books and other stuff for school (art students have to spend more money for materials). Then we have to add the seasons in Finland. Winters are cold, so we need good jackets and shoes.

And the rest is for food.

So let's do the math:

474 - 25 (student, who lives in Helsinki) - 25 (bill for doctor) - 15 (medicine) - 40 (materials for school) - 70 (jacket and other clothing) - 50 (shoes) = 249€

249 / 30 = 8,3€

Student, who lives in Helsinki and is working, has average 8,3€ to spend in food/ a day. And now I realized I forgot to minus the taxes from the gross income of 660€ and the financial aid 499€. Let's say that this student pays 4% taxes for his/her incomes. This means the salary after taxes will be 633,6€ (minus retired money which is some euros). Financial aid is always after taxes 469(and some cents)€.

So this example student has 416€ to use each month. After all the bills and doctors, this student has 167,6€ to spend for food a month, meaning 5,60€ a day.

With 5,6€ you get:

- one beer at bar

Ok, let's not talk about spending money in drinking alcohol.

It was just announced, that milk price will rise 30% from what it's now. I usually use organic milk, which costs anyway around 1,80€. This means, that organic milk's price will rise to over 2€. So, from your little 5,6€, 2€ for god damn milk is a lot. And most of the Finns love milk.

In Berlin, its very normal to live in share apartments. I hope, that more and more Finnish student will start doing so as well. Don't rent those expensive small apartments! Start boycotting the prices!  Start taking over buildings, we need more squats!

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