Tuesday, 8 January 2013

407th issue: Finnish punk band: Pää Kii

I called today my mother. She told that there's new punk band hype in Finland. This band is called Pää Kii, meaning Shut up in English.

My mother told also that the lead singer, Teemu and other member from the band were interviewed in Finland's broadcast television company, Yle, morning show.

Our new president, Sauli Niinistö/The National Coalition Party (later mentioned as Nipsu), came up with an idea that salaries should be cut down. Later, people got angry and blamed that Nipsu is being populistic. Nipsu replied for people saying that he has never said anything about cutting the salaries.

Oh well, someone said it.

Did you know that there's Nipsu in Moomins too? Its that brown creature with a long nose. Maybe it was him/her then?

Ok, back to the topic. So if they lower peoples salaries, you know what's this going to do for people who earn less. Like 1800€/a month. It means that they will be suffering from this cut the most.

So, in the interview Teemu said something about the planned salary cut. Teemu's band member said: -"Yes, so it's going to effect you and me".


Face your citizens, Nipsu!

Hopefully Nipsu was watching TV that time.

HFUT is rising again!