Tuesday, 8 January 2013

406th issue: Journalism in Finland: there's hope!

Finnis journalism has really gone to very bad. As journalism is business nowadays, it means that newspapers are trying to bring up news that are shocking. Finnish trash newspapers* (as I call them) are also coloring some of the news. Most of their journalists are very amateur and have no moral in writing stuff.

The most terrifying thing is, that hundreds of thousands people read these newspapers, which are sharing very narrow-minded and black and white news. This is how you make money.

I have wrote about this several times about my angst towards trash newspapers.

But end of the rainbow, there's something. Oh yeah, there will be Long Play - web-page, which offers investigated journalism. This means that the articles are really long, but they have lot's of information in them.

Not like: "Fukushima is exploding!" , next news is: "Fukushima is leaking!", next news is: "Fukushima reactor is in bad condition!"

In investigated journalism they focus more on bringing up the answers for who, what, where, when. And the best point is, that when the journalist has really done good investigation work, there might jump up very different things. More perspective to the subject.

Long Play's editor-in-chief, Johanna Vehkoo, summarizes the whole concept as "Fair trade journalism".

Gut gemacht!

*=Iltalehti and Iltasanomat

Sources: Yle

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