Tuesday, 8 January 2013

405th issue: Club Adams

As I have been off-seasoning with HFUT, I haven't written anything about a very nice club that was opened in Helsinki almost a year ago. It's club Adams.

What makes this place so special? Dj's that are playing and gigs that are organized there!

If you are into electronic music, such as techno, tech-house, minimal etc. You should check out Adams. Electronic music scene in Helsinki is not that big. People choose often to go to bars and clubs to get drunk. Rarely people go for the music.

I've been wondering why e.g Bakers is always so full. They play horrible music there and prices are expensive. But it's a good place to meet people and get absolutely hammered.

You can get hammered in Adams as well. And people do so. But they still go there for the music.

I don't like to drink my beer when they play Anastasia or some other horrible pop artist as background music. I'm very picky about this. I like my head to shake a little bit with the beat. And techno makes your head do this. Also I like to dance. Techno is excellent for this too.

You can dance Anastasia too, but... yeah. It's not the same. It's very hard to catch up beats from pop songs because the main idea in pop is not the music, it's the artists and her/his edited voice. And the appearance.

So, if you want to listen to good music that makes you dance, go to Adams.

In the corner of Erottajankatu and Ludviginkatu

What else?
During the day time there's a restaurant! I haven't tried it yet, but maybe you should?

See more info about upcoming gigs from their web-page.

Lovely Niko Likainen is playing there often. Listen to his set and go and dig him in Adams!

HFUT is rising again!