Tuesday, 8 January 2013

404th issue: Lux Helsinki

I'm a bit late with sharing this news. For this year. Next year it will be around again, hopefully.

Lux Helsinki is a light happening which has been organized in Helsinki since 2009. For four days lot's of nice light installations take over the city. They are projected to different buildings and walls all over Helsinki. We have same kind of happening in Berlin, City of Light.

January is very dark month in Finland. Or it's just another dark month that sun shows it's face rarely. And when it shows, it's only for a few hours. Then it's dark again.

So this kind of light happening is very welcome to Helsinki. And people have been really enjoying Lux Helsinki, as it makes the city alive again, in a very interesting way.

You can see some photos from Lux Helsinki's web-page. Check them out and have a view to Helsinki from a different perspective.

This year it will be organized 4.-8.1.14

(Picture by Hannu Iso-Oja)
Casa Magica: Emergence. Photo Hannu Iso-Oja.

HFUT is rising again!