Tuesday, 8 January 2013

403rd issue: Helsingin Sanomat is now tabloid

As the topic tells, Finland's most red newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat (later mentioned as HS), has turned into tabloid version.

About a month ago HS made their web-news paid. Before you could read all the news for free, or most of it.

Still, the readers have right to read 5 news for free once a week. My friend told me how you cheat HS. Just empty your cookies and web history - or something like that. He used so many strange words that I dropped from cart.

But the point is that everything can be hacked. I am not teaching you how to be a bad boy, I'm just telling you that human is still wiser than internet.

As a concrete newspaper HS daily has been always too huge. I read usually this newspaper at the airplane and it has been always an mission to read it. Though, there's a way of doing it, but it's not enjoyable.

Based on Wikipedia, tabloid size means in Finland that the newspaper is 280 mm wide and 240 mm high.

The best part of HS, is that they teach you at their homepage how you can make a bio trash bag from the newspaper.

Here you can watch the tutorial video. After this, if you haven't used bio trash before at your home, now it's about the time to start doing so.

Sources: Wikipedia, HS and Yle.

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