Monday, 7 January 2013

402nd issue: Krishna organization might have new home

It’s so easy to provocate Finnish people.

Today Helsingin Uutiset (Helsinki News) wrote about a villa that Krishna organization wants to buy with 250 000€. The problem was that people who live in Puotila don’t want to give up this historical and cultural building. Why? This villa offers good space to have meetings and there’s also a restaurant. So it’s a kind of a meeting place for people in Puotila. Puotila organization tried to buy this villa as well, but they offered 220 000€.

No money, no villa.

In the article it was said that people are not against Krishna organization buying it. People are afraid that they will loose this meeting place, because it will turn private.

The housing agency sas tht it will be still open for people. And you know Krishnas, they feed you if you are hungry and poor etc.

Then I went to my favorite spot: the comment section. And guess how the peopel had red this news?

One brings up the point that Krishna religion has been involved to child abuse. What does this do with the villa? This person means Krishnas are going to have orgys with children in this villa?


Other person writes:
- ”Let’s make this villa rather a Veikkaus* supported reception center for gay necrophile eskimos.
Welcome to Puotila, all the gay necrophile eskimos !”
(original text: “Tehdään Puotilan kartanosta mieluummin veikkkausvaroin tuettu homojen nekrofiilieskimoiden vastaanottokeskus.”
Tervetuloa Puotilaan kaikki homot nekrofiilieskimot !)

* = Veikkaus is a gambling organization in Finland which supports e.g people with disabilities.

I'm kinda of... speechless. 

The whole news (and the comments) can be red here (In Finnish)

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