Monday, 7 January 2013

401st issue: Lava lava

I found myself saying to my friend: - "In Helsinki, it's so easy to have one night stand as the bars close their doors at 4 am. In Berlin, I never have such things because bars never close!"

One of the things I love in Berlin is the music scene and clubbing - for sure. There is also dark side of all this, but lets not go there. I, personally, enjoy staying in the club for limitless time. And when I get absolutely tired, I go home. Alone.

In Helsinki, during the weekends bars get packed up around 12 am and at 2:30 am people are so hammered that you might see quite interesting things happening. Or actually, you might see people in very strange condition after drinking so much. Just in few hours people turn from shy to super social creatures, who have no control on themselves.

When the bars close, you see lot's of people walking Z in the streets. Somehow, they still manage to grab a guy/girl with them to their home.

I don't know how they do this. I know that alcohol wakens up your sexual needs, but I don't understand that how people, who walk Z do this.

Then I look back in time. I was exactly the same. I was walking Z. Sometimes I was walking Z with a guy who I found attractive that moment. I still had autopilot with me when I was walking this Z: I would rarely take these guys at my place. Why? Because in the morning, seeing this guys face in my home is something that I don't enjoy. Especially, if that guy doesn't understand to leave my apartment straight away.

The worst experiences were, when my autopilot was off and I carried some bloke to my home. Next day he wanted to spend the whole day with me and I wasn't very into that. And it's so difficult to say to someone that: - "Can you just like... leave?"

Maybe I have learned from this. Here, I go to the clubs for the music and friends. I meet guys there, but I just give them my contacts, that we can meet in some other world than club world. These guys have been contacting me afterwords. But umm.. I never go and see them. I think clubs are not the best places to meet people for further dating or so. I feel like the whole world in clubs or bars is just an illusion. In daylight nothings the same.

Helsinki nightlife has taught me!

HFUT is rising again!