Friday, 5 October 2012

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Funny Finnish polices

Yesterday I red from Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki Daily Newspaper), that Finnish police patrol had made a home search at suspected persons home - without telling him that they will be do such thing. In Finland police must give a chance for the person to be at home when they are suspecting the person and want to search his/her home.

They went to this mans home while he wasn't at home. They search the place and.. now comes the funny part: they left a handwritten message in this mans home in you know.. those squared papers, which are used in offices and schools..


So funny! Polices are sooo funny!! I pay taxes and police buy printers and computers with those money. And they use squared paper. C'mon!

I want my tax money back!

Read the news here (in Finnish).

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Good news!

Since my childhood there has been one man selling chestnuts in front of Stockamann department store. Always, during the winter, he's been standing there. I love chestnuts and it's quite rare to get them in Finland.

I just read that this Austrian man, Hartmann Abendstein, has announced that he's quitting celling chestnuts, because they doubled he's rent price.


And wait, isn't that illegal to double the rent. C'mon.

The politicians woke up.

Jarmo Nieminen (the National Coalition Party) was thinking, that the license fees are not necessity. Also he mentioned, if these self-employed people start making lot's of money, the Helsinki city should get it's share out from that. So, yeah, capitalistic way of thinking. But I think it's fair enough in these cases.

Imagine, at once I agree with someone from the National Coalition party. This is the first time ever!

What's up October!

And now I can write a little bit of me and what's going on!

The autumn has taken over Berlin and the weather is nice and fresh. Last week I started a couple of projects that I'm working with. I'm still studying and I contact my school if it's possible to do Erasmus exchange here and the answer was that there's a possibility if we find a school for me in which I can fit my studies. 

Also I have started working on my final work. It will be a documentary of my grandma. No, it's not a depressing story about war, it's a story of my grandmothers life that reflects the political changes in Turkey: how everything has changed from modern creations of Atatürk to the old style with Erdogan.. 

I started filming this documentary over a year ago, but I had to leave Turkey earlier than planned, because I had a fight with my dad. And the fight is still going on - haven't been talking with him every since. 

But I really want to go and finish this documentary, because the material I have already are so good, that I can't wait to have the interview to fit in them!

Visual work from me

It was one night when I got highly inspired. After this day I spent one weekend at home. I was editing. Then I opened Logic and made a track. Suddenly I had made a visual work.

Want to see it? Ok, here it is:

Dark from EsinAamutuuli on Vimeo.

MoMa New York offering Finnish school food

Wait, what? When I was a child I couldn't stand school food. I didn't even have a favorite one, because they all just sucked.

In the mid-90's, when I was in the elementary school, the basic school food was: kaalilaatikko (cabbage casserole), maksalaatikko (liver casserole), summer soup (kesäkeitto), curry kana (curry chicken), pinaattiletut (spinach pancakes), veriletut (blood pancakes)... Those are some of I can remember.

Also with our meal we could have milk and water. Bread? There were daily only crisp bread. Sometimes, rarely, there were some other bread. Desserts we had maybe once a month.

Nowadays I don't know what food schools offer, but I have seen that there is now also different types of bread. Maybe it was just my elementary school that was still in the war times. I believe that all those were created after the war, when there was nothing to eat, except potatoes and the leftovers from animals, like blood and liver.

But hey, it's very good and simple food. And nowadays I love spinach panckakes and summer soup. I'm trying to learn to love cabbage casserole, and one day I will love it. It will be the day I have only 1€ in my bank account for food, as cabbage is the cheapest product in Finnish supermarkets.

So, if you are in New York, or you are going there, one interesting thing to check out is the Museum of Modern Arts, MoMa. With entrance ticket (costs 20€) you get to eat Finnish school food! Yes, exactly, they are offering there the same shit that I've been growing up with!

Check out the web-page for further information.

ps. I forgot one food that I hated also: hernekeitto (pea soup)

HFUT is rising again!