Monday, 9 April 2012

Finnish architecture lectures in New York

EXHIBITION NEWLY DRAWN – EMERGING FINNISH ARCHITECTS is on view at The Center for Architecture until April 30.

More info here and here.

Finnish architecture is very inspiring. If you are in NYC check this event out!

Cafe Talo

This post might sound a bit pervert, but it's all true...

It was sunday and I went for a coffee with my friend, Sarah. We decided to go to a place called Cafe Talo. I work in a bar, so I never look at bartenders or coffee shop workers like that. We went in and my eyes jumped out from my face: how can there be so many good looking guys working in this place?!

The place itself is nice and during sundays there's brunch. It's also a nice place to sit in the evening and drink wine. The atmosphere is just excellent. Upstairs is slightly more intimate, while downstairs reminds European restaurants with it's big windows to Hämeentie and hall style interor design.

During weekdays Cafe Talo serves Italian style food with a Finnish twist.

I really advice to try this place out. Even if you are not looking for good looking guys, try it just for Cafe Talo's sake!


Hämeentie 2 b
00530 Helsinki

How to get?
Metro to Hakaniemi, trams 3B, 6, 7A, 9... Walking from central to Hakaniemi is delightful as well.

Serving hours:
Mon 11 am - 00 pm
Tue-Fri 11 am - 02 am
Sat 12 pm - 02 am
SU 12 pm - 5 pm (Brunch)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Finnish guys and fear of showing emotions

I've been writing about Finnish men quite a bit. I had problems in connecting with men. If I fell in love with someone, he faded me. He was afraid.

Even if he was the one who cantacted me and it took a while me to warm up for him, but after I did warm up, he reached his goal and faded.

How about now?

Well, as I'm now slightly known person (some people consider me as a celebrity as my face is on television), how have the attitudes of men changed towards me? Well, that's for sure that a lot more men try to hit on me. And they are trying to hit on me harder than before, in a more self-confident way.

It feels stupid. It feels wrong.
(pic from

Before I didn't matter that much, but now as I'm "something" I'm more interesting? That's pretty narrow-minded.

I had also one guy coming and telling me that "I would have started a relationship with you, but there wasn't that feeling with you". With that guy we had a complicated thing going on for 1.5 years. I think that wasn't true either. I think if there are two people, and they are brave to show their feelings to each other, then there will be that feeling. But if you two are pussies (like we were) the feeling couldn't show up, because there was more fear.

Sometimes I think people don't think enough. They are giving the power for fear. People who try to hit on me now that I'm "famous" are also pussies. I think they should think all chicks are equal with me. They think that I'm special, because my face is showing off from television.


Some guy gave me his number yesterday. I put it behind my ear - literally. There's a saying in Finnish when someone invites you in some place or something and you are not sure if you can make it: "I'll put it behind my ear". Maybe it's en English too, don't know.
Glad I'm going to Berlin next week and there I will be nobody again.

I heart Helsinki

Today Helsinki has been the capital of Finland for 200 years!

Here you can read more about Helsinki's history (in English).

I'm so lucky to live in this beautiful city Helsinki. But still I want to move away from here. Why? Because I've seen it all. 

HFUT is rising again!