Saturday, 25 February 2012

503rd issue: Flow Festival

The biggest and coolest music festival in Helsinki must be Flow Festival. Last year there was so many people, that it was almost impossible to move. I preferred listening to electronic music in one place and danced my feet broken. Musical satisfaction has lasted until this day and now I have started to wait for Flow again.

So I had to make a Flow post, and as there are many confirmed artists already, it's easy to make this post.

What I'm waiting?
- Pinch
- Nicolas Jaar
- Four Tet & Caribou DJ set

What else's there?
- Bon Iver and his beard
- The Black Keys
- Ane Brun
- Black Twig (A good Finnish band!)
- The War on Drugs

More artists will be confirmed... The Raveonettes should come. I still think I will be enjoying the electronic music side of Flow... And of course the lightning, which is always awesome! 

When is Flow? 

More information here

502nd issue: A new observation deck

There has been opened a new observation deck in Jätkäsaari (= in English: Dude Island :D). It has free entrance, thought you'll have to  go through, an electronic sales shop...

As Helsinki is pretty flat - we don't have sky scrapers or other that kind of buildings - this observation deck works fine.

There's also MiG-21 fighter on the deck. It's from the 80's, so it's not in the use anymore. And what happened on friday?

Well, let me start telling that in Finland men have to go to army. They can also choose a military service or go to jail. Most of my friends have done military service, and I have to rise my hat for them: work for free for one year. But also I saw this tv-serie of Swedish speaking Finns army in Dragsvik and it slightly changed my mind about army. But this all might be because Swedish speaking Finns are more sophisticated...

What I'm trying to tell is that on friday someone painted a graffiti on that MiG-21. Lol. Actually, during one year there has become a new bloom for graffitis in Helsinki. I just hope there would be more nice ones, but I undertsand that it's impossible to do a nice one in just a couple of minutes before cops come and you'll get a 7458937698450 euros fine...

See the picture here

Tyynenmerenkatu 11
00220 Helsinki

Friday, 24 February 2012

501st issue: Where's this?

In Kaisaniemi metro station they have these cool lights. Sometimes I was thinking that they are slightly looking ugly, but actually they are pretty cool. As the station itself is pretty ugly, so these fit there like a fist in the eye.

I want more neon lights in Helsinki!

500th issue: danger! danger!

What's up Helsinki?

Well, lately there has been danger around us. No, no terrorists, no war, no food H1N1. No, nothing like those. There has been a danger above us.

On Tuesday woman died after ice and snow dropped to her head from the roof. This happened in Töölö, which is located in central Helsinki. Also I heard people telling that there were many near-miss cases. Jesus, this city is dangerous!

There are people cleaning roofs from the snow and ice, but I would prefer just walking in the car lane's.

Be aware!

Men working at the roof. Brave dudes.

HFUT is rising again!