Thursday, 16 February 2012

WDC: stamps

(pic from here)
When I was a child my father used to collect stamps. He had all the weirdest ones from African countries to all those countries which I thoug had only wild animals walking around. He gave me some of his stamps too that I could start collecting stamps. So I started. One funny thing is, that North Korea had Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen stamp in the 80's! I can bet that my father has that stamp too..

Now design is much different than in the seventies or eighties.

 Where I'm trying to get this issue is, that there is a stamp collection for Helsinki Design Capital. There was an open competition for everyone to design stamps. One of the winner stamps is made by Elias Ollila, who is only 5 years old. And it's very refreshing design, brings memories from childhood.

All the stamps have Helsinki vibe in them. See all the stamps here. If you are visiting Helsinki, you can purchase the whole collection from e.g. Posti (post office). Is now your time to start collecting stamps?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Iholla advertisment

Story of six women living in Helsinki or near by. Staring on March 13th.

Watch the advertisment here.

I'm honoured to be in advertisment which is so well done and the music - M83 - HUH!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Zola Jesus in Helsinki

Now there's some very good gig coming, which I'm totally looking forward to. Zola Jesus is performing in Club Tavastia in April.

Her trippy sounds and interesting voice will take listeners to a great journey. I believe that Zola Jesus' gig is the kind of gigs that after you feel just totally empty. Ahh..

Zola Jesus @ Tavastia
Sun 1/4/12
Tickets 20/22€
Bookings here

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Childhood's sundays

When I was a child, would sundays be the days that the whole family would be at home. Usually in the evening we would go to sauna too. Even if we weren't a religious family, would we spend sundays peacefully.

Sudays were also the days my mother would cook something else than chicken and rice, or meat in cream sauce. Those are the dishes I remember from my childhood. My mother is going to kill me now.

"ESIN WTF, I WAS COOKING EVERYTHING FANTASTIC and all you can remember is chicken!"

Sometimes my mom would bake on sundays. The best was when she did pancake for breakfast. Finnish pancake, so much better than American sponge pancake! My mom is from the countryside, just next to Russian border, so she told me several times how they were making pancake from fresh milk. That way no eggs were needed.

In Helsinki fresh milk is not even an excisting word. You can get it somewhere, but mostly it's just processed milk. Bohhohhoo.

Well, as I prefer soymilk, nowadays my pancake is made from that. Or water if I'm broke. And instead of egg I put baking powder. Also I like to add my pancake cardemom and vanilla sugar. On top of it I use agave syrup. So I pimp my pancake.

I recommend you to make Finnish oven baked pancake. Recipe in English here.

Public Sauna in Kallio

Kotiharju public sauna can be found from Kallio. It's been around since 1928. Females and male saunas are separated.

I'm not a sauna person, but lately I've been starting to go to sauna at the gym I go to. But Kotiharju sauna is a bit different than the sauna I go. As it is in Kallio, you will meet pretty differen't kinds of people there, than in the gym (where ponytail girls are punishing themselves after eating a bag of candies last night). I think it could have the vibes of Aki Kaurismäki movies, but I might be wrong.

Kotiharju public sauna
Harjutorinkatu 1, 00500

How to get? 
Metro to Sörnäinen is the easiest.

Mon closed
Tue-Fri 2 pm to 8 pm
Sat 1 pm to 7 pm
Sun closed

See more here. (In their web-page you can even see real-time sauna temperature. Hihi.)

Hello World

I'm taking the World over!

HFUT is rising again!