Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Finnair tried to kill me

I will have to show this public, because it's slightly hilarious: Finnair really tried to  kill me, or tried to make me run to toilet every 5 seconds during my 12 hour flight. I always order vegan meal for my flights, as I am vegetarian. I could take vegetarian meal, but I don't want to eat cakes and stuff during the flight, so vegan meals are usually lighter.

So, this time too, I ordered vegan meal. I flew with Finnair from Helsinki to London, where I had my flight connection to Tokyo. In this flight Finnair served sandwitches. I got my sandwitch, which had my name on it. Also there were letters VGML, meaning vegan meal.

I open my sandwitch and what's in it... HAM. Yes, a ham sandwitch. I ask the flight attendant does she know if Finnair uses tofu made ham (as there are such products available in stores) and she was confused. I show my sandwitch to her and she said "better that you won't eat it".

I got some stuff from the business class, but sure those weren't vegan stuff as well, as she bring me croissants (which include lot's of butter in them).


After making an appeal to Finnair, they send me a TEN EURO (10€!!!!!1) gift cerdificate.

Finnair, is my life this important to you?

Next time I'll take some other flight company...

Greetings from Japan!

Yahuu, I'm here. After working hard, after an very hectic autumn, I made it. I took a 3,5 weeks holiday and flew to my favorite city - Tokyo.

Greetings from here - from the most inspiring city in the World!

BTW: HElsinki is now officially the Design Capital of the World for 2012! Whippey. I have my opinion about this whole year. Also The President elections are coming, actually strating in 2 weeks! Aaaaand sooo many things has happened in Helsinki, so maybe this brake was good. Now I have so much to write about.

Ps. as I have told, I'm on a Finnish tv program called "Iholla", starting on March. It's about my personal life, uuuu...... You can see the trailer here (only in Finnish)

HAPPY NEW YEAR and remember to the most important thing: remember to think about yourself. This year is about You and Your dreams coming true! <3

HFUT is rising again!