Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What's up October!

And now I can write a little bit of me and what's going on!

The autumn has taken over Berlin and the weather is nice and fresh. Last week I started a couple of projects that I'm working with. I'm still studying and I contact my school if it's possible to do Erasmus exchange here and the answer was that there's a possibility if we find a school for me in which I can fit my studies. 

Also I have started working on my final work. It will be a documentary of my grandma. No, it's not a depressing story about war, it's a story of my grandmothers life that reflects the political changes in Turkey: how everything has changed from modern creations of Atatürk to the old style with Erdogan.. 

I started filming this documentary over a year ago, but I had to leave Turkey earlier than planned, because I had a fight with my dad. And the fight is still going on - haven't been talking with him every since. 

But I really want to go and finish this documentary, because the material I have already are so good, that I can't wait to have the interview to fit in them!

HFUT is rising again!