Wednesday, 3 October 2012

MoMa New York offering Finnish school food

Wait, what? When I was a child I couldn't stand school food. I didn't even have a favorite one, because they all just sucked.

In the mid-90's, when I was in the elementary school, the basic school food was: kaalilaatikko (cabbage casserole), maksalaatikko (liver casserole), summer soup (kesäkeitto), curry kana (curry chicken), pinaattiletut (spinach pancakes), veriletut (blood pancakes)... Those are some of I can remember.

Also with our meal we could have milk and water. Bread? There were daily only crisp bread. Sometimes, rarely, there were some other bread. Desserts we had maybe once a month.

Nowadays I don't know what food schools offer, but I have seen that there is now also different types of bread. Maybe it was just my elementary school that was still in the war times. I believe that all those were created after the war, when there was nothing to eat, except potatoes and the leftovers from animals, like blood and liver.

But hey, it's very good and simple food. And nowadays I love spinach panckakes and summer soup. I'm trying to learn to love cabbage casserole, and one day I will love it. It will be the day I have only 1€ in my bank account for food, as cabbage is the cheapest product in Finnish supermarkets.

So, if you are in New York, or you are going there, one interesting thing to check out is the Museum of Modern Arts, MoMa. With entrance ticket (costs 20€) you get to eat Finnish school food! Yes, exactly, they are offering there the same shit that I've been growing up with!

Check out the web-page for further information.

ps. I forgot one food that I hated also: hernekeitto (pea soup)

HFUT is rising again!