Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Good news!

Since my childhood there has been one man selling chestnuts in front of Stockamann department store. Always, during the winter, he's been standing there. I love chestnuts and it's quite rare to get them in Finland.

I just read that this Austrian man, Hartmann Abendstein, has announced that he's quitting celling chestnuts, because they doubled he's rent price.


And wait, isn't that illegal to double the rent. C'mon.

The politicians woke up.

Jarmo Nieminen (the National Coalition Party) was thinking, that the license fees are not necessity. Also he mentioned, if these self-employed people start making lot's of money, the Helsinki city should get it's share out from that. So, yeah, capitalistic way of thinking. But I think it's fair enough in these cases.

Imagine, at once I agree with someone from the National Coalition party. This is the first time ever!

HFUT is rising again!