Thursday, 4 October 2012

Funny Finnish polices

Yesterday I red from Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki Daily Newspaper), that Finnish police patrol had made a home search at suspected persons home - without telling him that they will be do such thing. In Finland police must give a chance for the person to be at home when they are suspecting the person and want to search his/her home.

They went to this mans home while he wasn't at home. They search the place and.. now comes the funny part: they left a handwritten message in this mans home in you know.. those squared papers, which are used in offices and schools..


So funny! Polices are sooo funny!! I pay taxes and police buy printers and computers with those money. And they use squared paper. C'mon!

I want my tax money back!

Read the news here (in Finnish).

HFUT is rising again!