Friday, 26 October 2012

Finnish journalism is going down

What is good journalism? Well, it depends in different country. There's countries like Russia, where over hundred journalists have been murdered since 1992. Just because they had an opinion and with this opinion they wanted to influence readers to get more knowledge.

And sharing knowledge is the main reason for journalism. To get more sophisticated and understand about the World in it's every appearance.

Ok, so I went to Finnish shitty news paper Iltasanomat web-page and saw an "article" about Sweden's princess Madeleine's new man. The topic was "Finnish men are upset: Madeleine chose wrong".


That topic was the reason for me to click that article, because you-know-I-have-my-opinion-of-Finnish-men.

The article was based in Facebook group, where several men are complaining about Madeleine's choice. In the article it says "She chose this American, middle aged and flavorless faced man..." yadi yadi yaa.


Is this journalism to write this kind of crappy articles? In a way yes, they show that there are such idiot people that think famous people should only marry beautiful and good looking people. But still I think this whole article was super tasteless.

And you know what? This "news"paper is one of the most red in Finland.

Sweden, adopt me. No wait, I'm glad to live in Germany.

HFUT is rising again!